The Purge TV Series Image Reveals A Terrifying Show Within The Show

The Purge TV Series

USA’s upcoming television adaptation/continuation of The Purge has released a brand new image that hints at a terrifying new show that exists within the show. The series is being billed as a 10-hour event that will expand on the world built off of the 2013 film starring Ethan Hawke and Lena Heady that has since spawned numerous sequels, including this summer’s The First Purge, which has accumulated a tidy sum at the box office since its opening weekend earlier this month. But The Purge is set to keep on purging this summer, as the franchise makes its way to cable television for a prolonged stay in this world without rules. 

So far, The Purge has released a brief trailer that offers an idea of what fans can expect from the new series, as well as a handful of first-look images that highlighted Gabriel Chavarria’s Miguel among others. A new image from the series appears to reveal Miguel in an unpleasant situation as an unwitting contestant on what is presumably a deadly reality competition that takes place during the actual Purge. 

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The new image was first revealed by EW, who also had an interview with series executive producer James DeMonaco and Chavarria. The latter discussed the circumstances of the competition and also afforded a little insight into what it’s called and what’s at stake. Chavarria said the series is called “The Gauntlet” and Miguel is caught up in it after just getting “back from being deployed, and he gets this cryptic information about his sister on Purge Night. So he tries to find her before things get crazy.”

The Purge - Season 1
THE PURGE Pictured: Gabriel Chavarria

Pictured: Gabriel Chavarria[/caption]

From the look of things, Miguel fails with regard to his latter objective, as it appears Purge Night has become fittingly crazy, with him smack dab in the middle of said craziness. That will presumably be a small part of Miguel’s arc, as according to DeMonaco:

“The real estate of the 10 hours of the TV allows us to use flashback, where we flashback out of the Purge world, into the regular lives, the non-Purge days, of this future America. We get to see who these people are when it’s not Purge Night and the events that led them to where they are on the particular Purge night that we are following.”

So far, it sounds like an interesting exploration and continuation of a concept that shows no sign of slowing down at the box office. Whether or not that concept will translate as well to television remains to be seen. Nevertheless, The Purge remains a late summer series to look out for. 

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The Purge premieres September 4 on USA and SYFY. 

Source: EW

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