Exclusive: The Punisher's War Machine Makes A Grand Entrance

As part of the Marvel Legacy, where Marvel Comics refocuses on classic core characters while returning its books to original series numbering, The Punisher series is back in the 200s and counted as volume 1. Just in time for the wonderful Punisher TV series on Netflix.

And if you somehow missed it, Frank Castle is more well-armed than ever before, so much so you can forget that time he joined Hydra a few months ago under the command of evil Captain America. Now, Castle is the new War Machine.

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We have an exclusive preview of the FRANK CASTLE: WAR MACHINE Part 2! story featured in The Punisher #219. Nick Fury needs Castle's help and has helped suit him up on the iconic armor previously utilized by longtime Iron Man wingman James "Rhodey" Rhodes who was killed during Civil War II. There's a rogue state in Eastern Europe taking advantage of old S.H.I.E.L.D. resources, and The Punisher - now an unstoppable military force - is going to do something about it the only way he knows how.

Below are the first pages of The Punisher #219 where Castle makes a perfectly timed grand entrance in Chernaya...

Frank enters enemy territory, and he does not enter quietly! But there's more to this land than just war. Can Frank navigate both the soldiers and citizens?

Castle can not only deal with injustice in the most permanent way possible, he can do so without fear of damage from conventional weapons. He's unstoppable. He's over-powered. Maybe that's just what we need Castle right now when it comes to dealing with evil. It's certainly what he needs to take out to well-armed army of Chernaya who have taken over some SHIELD tech for themselves.

If you missed #218, Castle put a swift and explosive end to an arms deal only to unexpectedly encounter Nick Fury after the job. As it turns out, the people acquiring weapons at this deal are from Chernaya, where new and unlawful leadership has taken over, spelling doom for its people. A few photos of dead kids later, and knowing no one else can handle this problem, and Fury (who no longer has SHIELD as his go-to asset) had Castle in the bag. And now there's a skull on the War Marchine armor. Go time.

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The Punisher #219 releases December 13, 2017.

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