The Punisher Season 2 Character Details Tease Suicide Run Storyline

A new casting report for season 2 of Marvel and Netflix's The Punisher teases the comic book storyline the show may adapt next. We've had a lot of teases when it comes to which arcs from the page may come to the new season of Marvel's hit show The Punisher. But as the show gears up for production and an expected 2019 release date, more character details and casting news have painted a clearer picture.

This week, The Punisher season 2 cast three new roles. In particular, Georgia Wigham will play the character Amy Bendix from the comics. Her casting seemed to indicated which story from the comics would be coming to the screen, but Marvel has been known to reinvent characters from the comics before. Luckily, the latest character breakdowns offer us a better idea of where the new season may be headed.

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That Hashtag Show has some new casting information for season 2 of The Punisher concerning an Ohio sheriff's department. With Bendix involved and a small town setting possible for season 2, it looks as if The Punisher may adapt the 'Suicide Run' from the comics which saw Frank Castle recovering from a near-death experience under the suspicious eye of a local sheriff. Check out the casting information below:

[Sheriff Bonnen] an authoritative male in his early 40s.

[Deputy Willis] a female, 33-37, who is a good cop but looks out for #1 above all else.

[Deputy Creamer] a 25-28 year old male who is described as optimistic and professional.

[Bob] a male in his early 50s who works at the desk at the sheriff office.

In The Punisher: War Zone #24 and The Punisher War Journal #63, Frank nearly dies in an explosion trying to take out a large swath of New York's crime bosses. Believed dead by much of New York, he ends up in a small town in Pennsylvania and recovers thanks to Amy Bendix. Her father, the sheriff of the town, isn't too keen on the mystery man and calls in the FBI. If Pennsylvania is swapped for Ohio, then this particular arc makes a lot of sense given it would allow Frank to operate outside of New York. 'Suicide Run' also saw new Punisher-like vigilantes emerge in the wake of the character's death, so we could see a rise in dangerous anti-heroes in the new season of the show.

Of course, at least some of the episodes are presumed to take place in New York so the characters from season 1 can return. What's more, we know The Punisher season 2 will film in New York. Of course, it's likely certain locations and sets could double for somewhere else - and the rest of the state could also provide some stand-in locations. Jon Bernthal also wants a number of NYC characters to appear in season 2 of The Punisher, from heroes Daredevil and Jessica Jones to villains Kingpin and Baracuda. As The Punisher begins filming, we should soon learn a lot more about the upcoming season, so stay tuned.

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The Punisher season 2 is expected to debut in 2019 on Netflix.

Source: That Hashtag Show

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