Things Get Dark In This New (Mini) Promo For Marvel's The Punisher

The hunt is on for the vigilante known as Frank Castle in a cryptic new social media promo for Netflix's new Marvel series The Punisher.

Check out a new mini-promo for The Punisher that only adds to the show's mystery. With the benefit of long-form TV storytelling, the new Netflix series is expected to deeply explore Frank Castle's (Jon Bernthal) transformation into the iconic vigilante and experiences with tragedy in ways that prior on-screen incarnations have mostly failed to deliver.

The Punisher has largely been shrouded in secrecy in the promotion ahead of its premiere -- whenever that will be. Frank Castle has been revealed in his full costume, but it took a freeze-frame analysis of the teaser trailer in order to discover a key villain and a leaked magazine scan to get the first look at the anti-hero's ally Micro. A brand-new promo for the series doesn't make matters any less cryptic, but it gives a glimpse at a potential scene involving Castle as he is hunted down.

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You can check out the new promo below, via the official Instagram page for The Punisher. The silent looping video reveals a series of night-vision shots of a SWAT team or similar outfit intensely searching a building, switching between first-person and third-person views. It includes the mysterious caption "Everything will come to light eventually."

Everything will come to light eventually.

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The clip can also be seen on a TV in the background of the show's new cover video on its official Facebook page, the caption for which reads "The hunt is on." It's clear that Castle will find himself under siege from someone when he's hiding in the building shown in the videos, but it's unclear how he got himself into the predicament in the first place. The promos underline the militaristic elements that The Punisher will incorporate, including flashbacks to Castle's own military experiences.

Many fans commented on the Instagram promo clamoring for an official release date, which has yet to be announced -- but there have been hints. Season 1 episode titles were recently revealed through Morse Code, but no other details have come out. Perhaps the above clip will take place in the episode titled 'Crosshairs' or 'Danger Close'. The promo hints at just how dangerous Castle will be to his pursuers, which could possibly be soldiers of Billy Russo's Anvil Corporation. The video could also be part of a flashback or the series' present-day plot. Whatever the clip means, it could only be a matter of time before everything finally comes to light.

There will be a Punisher panel at New York Comic-Con in October, which could finally reveal the show's ultra-secretive premiere date. If it doesn't, eager fans may be disappointed. But Netflix is presumably only months away from finally unleashing the series on viewers, and there's no doubt that the network and Marvel have done a superb job building feverish intrigue while revealing as little as possible.

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The Punisher is due out by the end of 2017.

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