'The Prince' Trailer: Bruce Willis Kidnaps Jason Patric's Daughter

Bruce Willis in The Prince

This August's The Prince mixes up the traditional Bruce Willis action movie formula - casting the Die Hard icon as the antagonist in the story, as can be seen in the first trailer (see above). Protagonist duties here have instead been assigned to Jason Patric, of Lost Boys and Narc fame (and Speed 2: Cruise Control infamy), who plays a Mississippi mechanic - forced to revisit his past in the criminal underworld, when an old rival with a grudge (Willis) kidnaps his daughter (90210 star Jessica Lowndes).

Both the plot summary and the Prince trailer footage suggest this film is basically "Taken starring Jason Patric," though some years back co-screenwriter Jeremy Passmore described the script as his and co-writer Andre Fabrizio's attempt to make "[Clint Eastwood's] 'Unforgiven' as a gangster movie."

John Carpenter was onboard to direct the project back then, but he ultimately ended up being replaced by Brian A Miller - a helmsman who has found his niche crafting low-budget action movies featuring second-tier leading men. Indeed, Prince is his second film collaboration of that nature with Patric, following The Outsider - and by the look of it, this film will likewise be just a step above direct-to-video quality material.

Bruce Willis in The Prince

Regardless, Miller has already moved onto bigger fish - specifically, a reunion with Willis on the upcoming sci-fi/action feature, Vice. Similarly, Passmore and Fabrizio are continuing their trek up the ladder, having scripted the upcoming Dwayne Johnson 3D disaster/action movie, San Andreas (also about a working-class father who puts his hero cap on to rescue his estranged daughter). It may not be long before The Prince is a distant memory (forgotten paycheck?) for the main players involved in making it - including, costar John Cusack.

That said, it's certainly possible that The Prince will prove worth checking out On Demand, if only because Bruce Willis appears to be channeling Screen Rant owner Vic Holtreman with his appearance here.


The Prince opens in U.S. theaters and will be available On Demand starting August 22nd, 2014.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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