The Predator Is 'Not A Sequel'; Schwarzenegger Cameo Unlikely

Shane Black's The Predator starts filming in September

Predator is coming back to the big screen in 2018 from director Shane Black. The last time a studio rebooted the classic '80s action movie, Adrien Brody ended up fighting his way through the jungle alongside a motley crew of undesirable characters in the semi-successful Predators. The new reboot will star Sterling K. Brown (Black Panther), Jacob Tremblay (Room), Keegan-Michael Key (Keanu), Olivia Munn (X-Men: Apocalypse) and Boyd Holbrook (Gone Girl).

Details on the The Predatoras the new movie is called, are being kept under heavy guard but there have been some rumors about what will go down, including one about Arnold Schwarzenegger returning to the franchise for a cameo appearance. It turns out some of these rumors should probably be dismissed.

In an interview (via We Got This Covered), Boyd Holbrook (who replaced Benicio del Toro) talked about what this new take on Predator will be, and gave assurances that this is indeed a new take. Holbrook also gave an update on that rumored Arnold Schwarzenegger cameo, and it's not good news if you like Schwarzenegger with your Predator:

“I’m currently working on Predator. It’s not a sequel; Shane Black has made something totally new, somehow keeping within the realm of Predator [while also being] absolutely new in terms of the story that we’re talking about today, and rooted in something real. It’s real fresh. I don’t think you’re going to see [Arnold] Schwarzenegger. It would kind of make it a gimmick. It’s horror, science-fiction and a western.”

Shane Black is set to begin shooting The Predator next week, and once things get rolling on the movie, we'll begin hearing more details about how Black is tackling the reboot. The horror, science-fiction and a Western line is bound to touch off lots of speculation, as it doesn't sound from that like the movie will be returning to the jungle anytime soon. Indeed, given the confirmation that the story is set in suburbia, Holbrook's description of the film is likely to be more indicative of its tone than its premise.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator

If indeed Shane Black plans to create a "totally new" Predator then it makes sense that he would avoid playing the nostalgia card by bringing in Schwarzenegger for what would amount to a gimmicky cameo. Starring Schwarzenegger in Terminator: Genisys did nothing for that movie's box office, so it's fair to question whether his name even means anything to younger fans. Starting afresh with a whole new cast and a whole new take on the story is probably the right way to go for Black.

Would it be cool seeing Arnold back in the Predator universe? Yes it would. But it would be even cooler to see a director eschew going for easy points with older fans in favor of a completely new and interesting vision. All indications are that Shane Black has something big in store for The Predator.

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Source: We Got This Covered

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