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Thomas Jane as The Punisher

In an age where superhero movies, cinematic universes, and franchises are dominating mainstream Hollywood, it should come as no surprise that the alien assassin's known as Predators are being given another chance at greatness. While the franchise initially launched successfully, the two sequels and spinoff crossovers with the Alien franchise put the franchise out of the minds of audiences. Now, Shane Black has taken up the task of bringing the series back with a reboot in The Predator next year.

The movie is gearing up for production to begin next month and after swapping out Benicio Del Toro in favor of Boyd Holbrook, Black has found an impressive and diverse supporting cast. Olivia Munn, Keegan-Michael KeyMoonlight's Trevante Rhodes, and most recently Sterling K. Brown have joined the ensemble, and it now looks as though a former Punisher will be taking on the Predators.

THR is reporting that Thomas Jane is in talks to join The Predator. Unlike the roles of most of his potential co-stars, details surrounding Jane's role has remained under wraps for the time being. However, given his past as an action star, having him add more muscle to Holbrook's team would not be a surprise.


Jane's addition is the latest addition to what is proving to be a very interesting cast. None of the attached actors are the prototypical Hollywood stars, making The Predator much more of a true ensemble cast and not a one man show. That said, the cast could prove to hold more star power than believed if Holbrook is praised for his villainous role in Logan or should Rhodes continue to build off the awards recognition he has garnered from Moonlight.

Regardless of how well known the cast is prior, it would be a surprise for The Predator to be a box office disaster. Yes, Black's last directorial outing The Nice Guys did not light up the box office, but that is not because it isn't a quality film. In fact, some have considered it to be one of 2016's strongest films, and if had come out after La La Land and Ryan Gosling's awards buzz, it is safe to say more people would've checked that out as well. That said, The Predator is in a much different position as it has the notoriety that comes with the franchise label attached. Hopefully, Black can deliver a film that a fresh take on the Predators themselves but also a new direction for the franchise.

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Source: THR

Key Release Dates
  • The Predator (2018) release date: Sep 14, 2018
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