The Orville Cast on the Possibility of a Musical Episode


Now that Seth MacFarlane's new FOX show The Orville premieres this Sunday, fans are already wondering when there will be a musical episode of the show. MacFarlane's work has always been peppered with music – from his animated series like Family Guy, to his movies such as A Million Ways to Die in the West and Ted. It's probably only a matter of time before The Orville has some musical number.

As one of the show's ensemble cast members, Scott Grimes plays Gordon Malloy, Captain Ed Mercer's (MacFarlane) best friend, and The Orville's ace pilot. Talking with Screen Rant at the SDCC 2017, Grimes described his character as a “little inappropriate, drinks a little too much” but who is given one last chance by Mercer to make it right. The question now is whether or not Grimes' character, as well as Mercer, will make good on that second chance or if they're taking the titular ship into rough territory with their antics.

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Of course, given MacFarlane's history and well-known love of musicals, the other question is whether or not the cast will sing in space. When asked about a musical episode, Grimes said it could happen. The actor, however, said it would be jumping the gun a little if they threw in a musical number so early in the game.


"We were talking about when that would happen? Season 3 maybe in some kind of simulator. But to just jump that shark immediately just because people can sing."

Grimes added that many of the actors, including himself, can sing, so at some point they should utilize that.

"I mean, I do sing at the helm [at one point in the show]. I think it was “Midnight Special.” We're in the shuttle – I don't think I'm giving anything away – and he's [Mercer] nervous and I'm like [then he sings]. He's says, “Can you please turn that down?” So yes, we're singing, little flashes here and there."

For his part, MacFarlane is well aware how synonymous his stuff is with music:

"Music is always a big part of what I do. Look, for The Orville, we have a 75-piece orchestra for every episode thus far, make it feel like a movie. We've got great composers who are really bringing something to the table. Not just wallpaper. So the music is always key, like another member of the cast."

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The Orville continues next Sunday on FOX.

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