The Orphanage Remake Taps New Director

It's been pretty shaky behind-the-scenes with the upcoming unnecessary remake of the brilliant Spanish-language horror movie, The Orphanage. At first we learned that Larry Fessenden was going to direct it, but a few months later he reportedly wasn't going to be directing it anymore, even after having co-written the script with producer Guillermo del Toro.

It was Fessenden who said himself that he most likely wouldn't be directing The Orphanage in an interview, and we weren't sure if that was 100% the case. However, we now learn that was in fact true. But fear not, those looking forward to this particular remake - Variety is reporting that a new director has been found to helm the project.

Mark Pellington (U2 3D) is reportedly in talks to direct The Orphanage remake, which still has del Toro producing along with ContraFilm toppers, Beau Flynn and Tripp Vinson. We thought at the time of Fessenden's departure that the script he had co-written with del Toro might be scrapped and del Toro would rewrite alongside whomever they found as the new director. But that appears not to be the case and the del Toro/Fessenden script appears to be the draft they will use.

Along with U2 3D, Pellington's resume includes the likes of The Mothman Prophecies, Arlington Road and Henry Poole Is Here. He's not exactly the perfect match, and in my opinion Fessenden would have been the better choice. But at least they've chosen someone competent.

Just as a reminder, the original Orphanage was about a woman who takes over the orphanage she was raised in, to open a house for disabled children. But soon after moving in with her family, her son starts playing with an imaginary friend, but of course there is more to the situation than meets the eye...

The Orphanage was a fantastic film (one that gets better on repeat viewings) and doesn't need to be remade, but I'm honestly not surprised Hollywood is churning this out. Why wouldn't they? They've done it with just about every other foreign language horror hit. There's always a chance this will be one of the good ones, but the track record doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

What do you make of the director found for The Orphanage remake? Is he suited for the project? Are you upset that they're remaking the 2007 original?

There's currently no scheduled released date for The Orphanage. We'll let you know when there is.

Source: Variety

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