The Order: 5 Most Powerful Magic Users (& The Most Powerful Werewolves)

A major selling point of fantasy films and shows is getting to watch godlike beings duke it out in mind-blowing ways. There are many characters who have become masters of their craft or even the best of the best. Power rankings are a proud tradition of pop-culture, whether we're talking YA novels or anime, and have led to a lot of juicy debates. The Order aired March 7th on Netflix, bringing an engaging mix of self-aware humor and gory thrills, while introducing us to a plethora of characters just brimming with supernatural potency. Let’s take a look at The Order’s five most powerful magic users and five of its most powerful werewolves.

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10 Alyssa Drake

She might be low-level in the grand scheme of things, but Alyssa Drake is one of the most gifted young witches that The Order has ever seen. Her magical proficiency makes her an indispensable ally for main character Jack Morton and our other heroes. It's also why The Order's treacherous Grand Magus, Edward Coventry, chooses her to be his apprentice.

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She's the only novitiate clever enough to free pages of the Vade Maecum (the show's big bad macguffin) from a cursed chunk of obsidian. Think of her as the Hermione of The Order universe, if Hermione had extremely divided loyalties.

9 Jurgen Sawyer

Very little is known about Mr. Sawyer at this point. All we know is that he's an ex-member of The Knights of Saint Christopher (a generally noble band of werewolves) who attempted to assemble the Vade Maecum, got foiled at the last minute by his former teammates, and ended up trapped inside the omnipotent book for a couple of eons. Still, that's really all the information we need. If Jurgen Sawyer was that close to putting the Maecum back together, he must be pretty powerful by default.

8 Vera Stone

Chancellor of the Belgrave University and a high-ranking Magus of The Order, Vera Stone has managed to find success in both education and the occult. Dealing with disruptive students has to be a lot easier if you can hex them, right?

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The show gives us multiple tastes of Stone's considerable skill, like using a dead person’s eye to project the last thing they ever saw or casting a protection charm over an entire house, but her sarcastic personality makes her bark (almost) as bad as her bite.

7 The Marand Sisters

Renee Marand and her sister are twin necromancers/clairvoyants who were so depraved that The Order felt compelled to kick them out. If a cult that regularly wears creepy masks and sacrifices animals is asking you to leave then you know you've done something wrong. Renee is capable of stopping someone's heart by merely squeezing her fist, while her sister (who goes unnamed for some reason) can lethally bewitch people and turn them into mindless, zombie slaves.

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Jack and Alyssa discover how troublesome that ability can be when Marand #2 comes after them to retrieve the legendary "necrophone" in their possession. Five points if you can guess what the necrophone does just from its name.

6 Edward Coventry

As head-honcho of The Order, Coventry’s magical abilities basically speak for themselves. He’s also the main villain of the series so far and Jack Morton’s biological father. Darth Vader showed us a long time ago that evil, magical dads should never be trifled with. Not only can Coventry turn lead into gold, root you to the ground, or pop you like a flesh balloon, he is also the only wizard to ever complete the Vade Maecum. Suck it, Jurgen!

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Plus, one of his strongest abilities isn’t even supernatural. Like all famous cult leaders, he's extremely charismatic and gifted at winning people over. You won’t realize he’s your worst nightmare until it’s too late.

5 Hamish Duke/Tundra

In The Order, lycanthropy is not passed on in the traditional way, i.e. biting. Instead, werewolves exist as enchanted, living pelts and bond with a human of their choice, allowing them to transform at will. Hamish Duke, a young professor at Belgrave and de facto leader of the current Knights of Saint Christopher, is bonded with Tundra. The primary attributes of all the wolves are revealed in episode 4 and Tundra is said to be the most cunning. It makes sense he would join forces with an equally intelligent host.

4 Randall Carpio/Graybeard

Graybeard's greatest quality is said to be his fearlessness, which makes him a great counterpart to Randall Carpio. Most comedic relief characters can't hold their own in a fight. Carpio, on the other hand, always faces peril with a quip and a smile. We get a clear demonstration of Carpio/Greybeard's might when they demolish a mad-scientist's botched werewolf experiments one by one.

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Also, spoiler alert, things go quite badly for that mad-scientist once they finally get their hands (paws? hand-paws?) on him.

3 Lilith Bathory/Timber

Lilith and Timber are loners who prefer to do things their own way. This means they aren't always great team-players, but it also means they're skilled enough to go it alone. Lilith/Timber is by far the most vicious of the group, reveling in carnage and racking up a massive body-count throughout the season. When Jack Morton joins the Knights and tries to instate a no killing rule, the brunt of that request is directed at Lilith. Viewers with an unhealthy knowledge of gothic horror (like the dear writer of this article) might notice the hidden meaning of her full name. Lilith is a prominent female demon in Jewish folklore. Elizabeth Bathory was a real-life Hungarian noblewoman who (allegedly) murdered young women and (according to myth) bathed in their blood. With a name like that it's no wonder Lilith turned out the way she did.

2 Midnight

One of the only pelts without a host initially, Midnight is often referred to by his nickname: "cannon-fodder," by the other Knights. That's because Midnight is a little crazy in the best way possible. He is more than willing to sacrifice himself for the cause. He's also the least picky of all the pelts, happy to bond with anyone for almost any reason.

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In fact, the Knights actually use Midnight as a booby trap at one point, having the werewolf momentarily bond with an Order acolyte to trick another acolyte into stabbing him.

1 Jack Morton/Silverback

Silverback is literally stated within the show to be the most powerful member of The Knights. So, naturally, following the sacred laws of screenwriting, he bonds with leading man Jack Morton. How many MC's are named Jack at this point? There's Jack Sparrow, Jack Reacher, Jack Bauer, Jack Ryan, Jack Skellington, etcetera. Whatever, if we had any doubts about Silverback's reputation, those are quickly laid to rest when he stops a speeding car by smashing it's hood. Jack's inborn magical aptitude combined with Silverback's pure ferocity turns them into a slavering force of nature. Although they are compelled by dark magic to split-up by the end of the season, it seems unlikely that such a dangerous duo can be kept apart for long

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