The Office: 9 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About The Main Characters

Even several years after The Office has ended, the fans remain curious. So, here are 10 unanswered questions fans have about the main characters.

The Office may have not been a show where a lot of critical thinking was involved since it was a mostly light-hearted sitcom detailing the lives of the workers at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. There was still plenty of heart in it and it spawned the birth of one of the biggest catchphrases to come out of any show -- ever. "That's what she said", anyone?

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But even in the most hilarious comedies, there are still thought-provoking questions that may come up either about a plot or even specific characters. And honestly, there are more than a few questions we still have to this day about the main characters of our favorite workplace comedy. We may not be able to solve it, but it's worth having the discussion over some the biggest questions that have been left unanswered about these classic Office characters.

10 How Did Pam Become A Volleyball Star When She Used PMS As An Excuse Not To Play?

In season 4 of the series, Pam goes back to her old high school to help recruit interns for Dunder Mifflin. Upon her return, she reminisces about all of the times she used PMS as an excuse in that same gym to get out of playing certain sports -- volleyball being among them.

The problem with this story comes later in the season 5 finale, when it was revealed Pam was a volleyball star back in the day. She even went to volleyball camp "most summers". So, how did she become so great at volleyball when she constantly sat out in P.E. when the sport was played?

9 What Was Meredith’s Job?

Much like Creed Bratton, Meredith was an off-the-cuff character who played by her own rules. No one could really get a good read on her most of the time, other than she was a big partier.

But the matter of what she actually does at the Scranton branch was kind of up in the air. In the first season, she is labeled as being an accountant. But fans of The Office know there is only three accountants who work there, none of whom are Meredith Palmer.

Plus, it was later said that she was in Supplier Relations. So what is with the switching of jobs? Maybe much like Creed, she's not even sure what she does there.

8 Why Did Charles Miner Hate Jim So Much Right Away?

Charles Miner was the "new Ryan/Jan" when he showed up at Michael's branch in season 5. He was taking his new job very seriously and wanted everything done a certain way. So when Jim met him dressed in a tuxedo -- as a prank on Dwight -- things got very uncomfortable for Jim.

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It was obvious Charles was not amused by Jim's behavior, but for him to take such a great dislike towards him immediately seemed like a bit much. To add insult to injury for Jim, Charles was favoring Dwight as his second in command. It just didn't make sense why Charles hated Jim to that degree nearly from the moment he met him.

7 Why Didn’t We Ever Meet Michael’s Mom?

The Office

Michael Scott wasn't known for having many friends, but he did have a best friend in his own mother. He talked about her frequently, even had scenes where he was on the phone with her, complaining about his employees.

So why in all of the seven seasons Michael was on the show did we never meet his beloved mother? It's clear that she was a big influence on his life and continued to be a huge support system for him, so it's odd that he never brought her into work to show off his mom to all of his favorite employees.


5 Phyllis’ Catty Nature?

Over the course of the series, Phyllis Lapin-Vance showed her true nature of being a catty woman. Whether it was how she blackmailed Angela, the way she spoke about Pam, or even the fact she liked to lead men on at bars just to get her husband to beat them up, the proof was all there.

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She just wasn't the sweet, innocent woman we once thought she was. Yet Angela was the only one who seemed to notice that Phyllis was not as nice as she pretends to be. Why did no one else notice? Or better yet, call her out on her bad behavior?

4 Who Worked At The Office First — Jim Or Pam?

This is one of those chicken and the egg scenarios that we'll likely never fully have an answer to. In the second season, when Michael reveals Jim's secret crush on Pam to the entirety of the office, Jim ends up diffusing the situation by telling Pam he used to have a crush on her when she first started working there.

Obviously, this would mean he was the one to start working there first. But later, when the two are officially dating, Pam recounts a story that indicates she introduced Jim to his deskmate, Dwight, meaning that she worked there first.

It is never clarified who was the first one to begin employment there, so it's a mystery that will never be solved.

3 Who Was The Scranton Strangler?

The Scranton Strangler was a vicious serial killer mentioned several times throughout the show's nine-season run. He earned his name by attacking his victims in Scranton, PA by method of strangulation. Toby even served on the jury at his trial, but later expressed that he may have put the wrong man behind bars.

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It has even been suggested that Toby is the actual killer, or Creed or even Dwight. While there are plenty of theories out there regarding who the actual Scranton Strangler was, the actual answer to this question has never been clarified by showrunners or otherwise, unfortunately for us.

2 Why Wasn’t Michael At The Last Office Party After Dwight And Angela’s Wedding?

Whether the employees of Dunder Mifflin Scranton loved or hated Michael at that moment, there was no question that Michael Scott was always the life of every party.

And even though he said his goodbyes towards the end of season seven, it was quite baffling when he didn't show up to the last party they ever threw at the office -- the one after Dwight and Angela's wedding.

He had come all that way to be the best man at Dwight's wedding, yet didn't go to the after-party. Why wouldn't he want to be there with all of his favorite employees, just one last time?

1 What Did Jim’s Note To Pam Say?

Who could forget the famous note that Jim wrote to Pam when he was her Secret Santa in season 2? He had put the note in with the teapot he bought her that he also filled with inside jokes between the two of them.

At the last minute, he decides against giving her the note and discreetly puts it in his back pocket. He held onto it for years, evidently, even while they were officially together. But he doesn't reveal its contents to her until she is feeling insecure about their marriage in the final season.

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