The Office: 21 Things That Make No Sense About Pam

The Office Pam Beasley Halpert

Originating as a remake of a UK comedy series, the American version of The Office soon carved out its own place in the television world. Though some of the characters were based on the original, the show managed to include new faces that audiences would come to love. One of the core storylines of the series began around the budding relationship between Jim Halpert and Pam Beasley. Although Pam was already in a relationship with warehouse worker Roy, she continued a very flirtatious friendship with her coworker. Audiences fell in love with the character not just for her romance with Jim, but for the character itself. Starting as a simple receptionist for the workplace, Pam’s character eventually developed with new skills and talents that could take her places. With a budding talent in drawings and illustrations, she showcased her skills a few times during the series. Although starting out very timid and meek, she soon gained more confidence in herself over time. The long-awaited coupling with Jim added to her storyline and the two began a family together. Though her time in the office took her down some hilarious journeys, the character did experience some emotional growth over the seasons. In the end, she became half of one of the most beloved couples on tv.

However, on more in-depth examination of her history on the show, we discovered a lot of incidents and occasions that made us question how great Pam really was. From lying to jealousy and betrayal, we’ve managed to find 21 Things That Make No Sense About Pam.

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21 She Let Meredith Take The Blame For The Lice

In the past, we have seen Pam call out her coworkers for their mistakes or attempts to cover up their errors. However, in the episode “Lice”, we witnessed Pam not only bringing lice into the office but then lie about it. Although she tried to clear Cece of lice the night before, she accidentally infested the office. However, she allowed Meredith to take the blame since she is one of the few employees with children. Not only did her cover-up highlight her selfishness but it led to Meredith shaving her own head to eliminate the problem. Pam didn’t even make a move to reveal the truth on her own. Her secret came out when she answered a phone call from her mother and had to use the speakerphone to receive it. Poor bald Meredith.

20 She constantly connected with Jim while engaged to Roy

Jim close to Pam The Office

Throughout the series, fans rooted for Jim and Pam to get together. Though they mainly referred to each other as only friends, the audience could see there were deeper feelings between them. However, this didn’t change the fact that Paw was (unhappily) engaged to Roy. She ignored her relationship to continuously spend time with Jim during their time together in the office. Even if their time together looked like innocent fun, Pam always seemed to look slightly guilty when Roy would show up to leave for the day. Though she tried to deny her feelings for him, it was clear she felt something romantic for her best friend and, though she didn’t fully act on those feelings, she put aside her own relationship to flirt with him incessantly.

19 She Blamed Jim for her Parents’ Divorce

One of Pam’s more outrageous moments came during the two-part episode “Stress Relief” in season 5. Pam’s father had been staying with the couple due to problems with their relationship. Since he won’t talk to her about it, she asked Jim to speak to her father. Incidentally, after their talk, she found out that he decided to get a divorce. Instead of speaking to her father for more details, Pam immediately lashed out at Jim that his actions caused their impending divorce. She then began to have anxiety about her own relationship with Jim and the possibility of them not making it. Pretty big irrational jumps there, Pam. In the end, her father realized his relationship with Pam’s mother did not compare to Pam and Jim’s, leading him to end things instead.

18 She lied her way into a fake position (that she created)

The Office Pam with Resume

When she returned to Dunder Mifflin, Pam found herself failing in sales. Unable to meet her mandatory quotas and land new customers, she decided her best option would be to lie to her company about her job title. Since Pam was failing at her real job, why not create a new one she could be good at doing? She then proceeded to inform Gabe that she had not been paid for her office administrator job she had been given a few months prior. She hoped to take advantage of the confusion of the acquisition of Dunder Mifflin by Sabre and sneaked the new title in. After successfully tricking all of the department heads into signing a document confirming her faux title, she almost got caught when Gabe called her bluff. However, she successfully convinced hi and she got the job.

17 She basically ruined Jim and Karen’s relationship

The moment we had all been waiting for between Jim and Pam finally happened in “Casino Night”. Jim revealed his feelings for her and kissed her. Although she did kiss him back, she said she did not feel the same. Fast forward a few episodes and we find Jim happily dating Karen and Pam being a single woman again. Although she never took the initiative to call Jim and confirm her feelings, she did wait until he returned to the Scranton office to make her move. Pam continued to flirt with Jim and get his attention. Her re-appearance in his life eventually put a strain on his relationship with Karen and he soon became quite unhappy. Pam even added to their burdens by confessing her feelings for Jim to everyone in the office during the “Beach Games” episode. Classy!

16 She nearly had her first child in the office because of her stubbornness

Jim and Pam were beyond ecstatic when they discovered that Pam was pregnant with their first child. The couple excitedly prepared for the arrival of their firstborn along with their coworkers, family, and friends. The big day finally arrived during the two-part episode “The Delivery,” however, Pam refused to go through with the birth. Why? Because if she delayed until after midnight, she could have an additional day in the hospital. Although her reason made sense (sort of), she still risked the life of her unborn child and herself by being stubborn. She persuaded the office to continue to distract her from the pain of the contractions while Jim became a nervous wreck worrying about them both. In the end, she waited entirely too long to leave for the hospital and nearly had the baby in the office.

15 She continuously failed at her pursuits

Jim and Pam in the Conference Room The Office

When we first met Pam Beasley, she worked as a receptionist for Dunder Mifflin. Though this wasn’t her dream, job, she still managed to do the position adequately. Eventually, she tried to branch out and pursue her love of art. When she finally made it to art school, we all hoped she would finally be happy. Sadly, she wasn’t successful and gave up on her dream. Next, she tried to find a new career path in sales at The Michael Scott Paper Company. Once again, she failed. She simply didn’t have what it took to be a great salesperson. Upon returning to Dunder Mifflin, she then made up a new position and gained the title of office administrator. And guess what? She failed again, turning to poor tactics, schemes, and lies just to be somewhat successful.

14 Jim encouraged Pam to pursue her dreams, but she wouldn’t do the same

Jim Halpert A Bit Sad in The Office

When faced with the possibility of being a mere receptionist for the rest of her life, Pam found herself wishing for more interesting pursuits. Having always had an interest in art, she eventually started looking into art schools. However, Roy never supported this dream and she placed her passion on the back burner. However, thanks to the ever encouraging Jim, she found the courage to try it out (although she failed). So, when it came time for Jim to pursue his passion at the up-and-coming Athleads, you would think Pam would return the favor. Yeah, not so much. She basically discouraged him from following his passions, guilting him that she needed him instead. Granted, they had two children now, but they still could have worked it out.

13 She criticized Michael for starting his company and ended up leaving to join him

When Michael could no longer take being mistreated by Dunder Mifflin anymore, he bravely decided to quit the company and start his own business. Because it’s Michael, his methods of starting the new business weren’t well thought out (you can’t steal from your old company for the new one). However, he was determined to find his new start on his own. Yet again, trying to be the voice of reason (but being unsupportive too), Pam criticized his hasty decision incessantly. When his actions are finally discovered by Charles, he made one final speech in hopes of bringing some of his employees with him. Surprisingly, Pam decided to join him despite initially criticizing his idea. The two leave together in pursuit of their new (foolish) dream together.

12 Shen then tried to bail on Michael when she realized the company was going under

As expected, things don’t go well for The Michael Scott Paper Company. With few funds to begin the company and very few initial clients, they soon discover they are in financial trouble. Even with the few clients they manage to steal from their former employer, they soon find themselves on the edge of going under. It is at this moment that Pam fully realized she would soon be unemployed. However, instead of finding ways to help the company, she tried to weasel back into Dunder Mifflin. She tried convincing Charles to take her back in her old position which he declined. We understand things were looking grim but how could you betray your friends/coworkers like that?

11 She obsessed over why Danny didn’t call her back and harassed him

Pam’s relationship with Jim did give her more confidence in herself and helped to make her bolder, in some ways. Though she still had a few “doormat” tendencies, she did manage to speak her mind when the occasion called for it. However, with the appearance of salesman Danny Cordray, she seemed to slip back into her previous cloud of low self-esteem. Despite being a happy relationship with Jim, she began obsessing over why Danny never called her back despite having been on two dates. Considering they dated while Jim had moved to the Stamford branch, this knowledge was no longer relevant nor necessary for her current happiness. Regardless, Pam harassed him until he finally admitted to Jim that he didn’t call back because he thought she was a dork. Another blow to her self-esteem thanks to her actions.

10 She went to huge lengths to prove Jim found another woman attractive

Never the self-assured person, Pam often let her insecurities get the best of her. From dropping out of art school to questioning the strength of her relationship with Jim, she often had to overcome her own self-doubt just to be happy. In “Pam’s Replacement”, her insecurities pop up again while she is training her temporary replacement. Already several months pregnant, she began to doubt her attractiveness and tried to gage Jim’s attraction toward the new girl. Although he adamantly responded that he did not find her attractive, Pam became obsessed with proving he was lying. Although her anxieties stemmed from her hormones and the pregnancy, she still became too aggressive in her pursuit of the truth. She even employed Dwight’s help in her fixation. Now that is just desperate.

9 Secret Bitterness over Jim buying his parents’ house without consulting her

Jim often tried to make big romantic gestures to prove how much he cared about Pam. In another romantic moment, he decided to buy his parents’ home so they could live in it together. Granted, this should not have been a decision made on his own. So when he presented the gift to Pam, she seemed ultimately moved (but maybe low-key annoyed too). The two moved into the house and began raising their family together. However, the audience learned later that Pam was actually bitter about the house purchase in later seasons (their lack of communication is astounding). In another grand romantic gesture (and maybe a little payback), Pam sold the house without telling Jim so they could move to Austin for his job. How sweet and…spiteful?

8 She Seemed To Be Okay With Cheating (But Not Against Her)

Dwight and Angela The Office

The dynamics of Jim and Pam’s relationship seesawed between playful banter and romantic attraction for several seasons. During this time, they crossed the line several times with Pam kissing Jim on more than one occasion. Her own moral compass seemed off when it came to her fidelity. Also, she also turned a blind eye when others around her engaged in cheating. She learned early on about the affair between Dwight and Angela. Their relationship even extended into her engagement with Andy. However, despite being friends with Andy, she never told him about the affair and let him continue with the relationship. And yet, in later seasons, we see Pam finding herself questioning if Jim would do the same to her (at some of her lowest self-esteem moments). She is okay with cheating and others cheating, but not with being cheated on?

7 She got back with Roy but basically blamed Jim for breaking them up in the first place

When Jim returned to Scranton, Pam thought she would finally have the chance to tell him how she felt. However, the arrival of Karen by his side ruined her plans. Her solution? Get back with the fiancé she wasn't faithful to and didn’t really want to be with. Pam and Roy tried to rekindle their relationship after attending Phyllis and Bob’s wedding. In an attempt to be truthful with Roy, she advised him that she had a moment with Jim at the casino party. Roy reacted violently when she mentioned he shared his feelings for her. Basically, it’s Pam’s fault that Roy almost got Jim beat up and lost his job. Yes, Roy shouldn’t have reacted so extremely but Pam triggered his reaction. Also, she could have given Jim a head’s up about what happened too. Just saying…

6 Her overreaction to Michael and her mom

We all know that Pam truly cared for Michael. Despite trying to avoid his party invitations and being frustrated with his behavior, she ultimately cared deeply for her boss. He always supported her and encouraged her happiness. So when she found out from Jim that Michael was dating her mom, Helene, her reaction seemed pretty extreme (remember Roy’s reaction to Pam?). She berated him publicly for dating her mom and became very belligerent about it. Pam disrespected him on numerous occasion (he’s still her boss despite their causal relationship) and even slapped him in public as a means to appease her. We understand how she might have been slightly grossed out to have Michael with her mom, but this reaction was pretty extreme.

5 She easily gave up on her art career and blamed others for her failure

Pam realized her life as a receptionist was quite unfulfilling. Pam had very few situations that made her truly happy. So when the prospect of art school came out, she looked to it as a means to find her true calling. Despite a few setbacks thanks to Roy, Pam finally found the courage to pursue her dreams with Jim by her side. However, once she started failing in her classes, she began placing blame on everyone else except herself. Her excuses included that school was too expensive (though Michael found her a job), the classes were too hard (although she didn’t find a tutor) and she missed Jim (though he encouraged her to come back “the right way” and finish her classes). However, she ultimately gave up saying she missed him too much.

4 Pam got way too close to the Boom Operator

Pam and Brian the Boom Operator The Office

Jim and Pam fans all reeled over the events of the final season of The Office. Although the couple usually maintained a happy demeanor together, the events of the final few seasons quickly put a strain on their relationship. Between raising two kids and trying to maintain their long-distance relationship, the couple began communicating with each other less and less. However, in that interim, Pam chose to turn to the boom operator, Brian, for comfort. Understandably, Pam needed a friend to talk to during this time, however, their relationship came quite close to being an affair. The two shared many intimate moments together with Brian even coming to Pam’s rescue, breaking the rule of interfering with the show’s stars. After breaching this line several times, he eventually leaves the show. In the end, Pam worked things out with Jim and Brian disappeared.

3 She left her wedding guests waiting for hours with no remorse

The Office Pam and Jim

Most brides go through extra stress during the days leading up to the big day. Last minute changes, planning, and overall anxieties can lead some brides to question going through with the event at all. Pam faced the same hesitations when it came time for her wedding on The Office. With the added stress of all of her coworkers attending and being pregnant, her resolve began to crumble. After tearing her veil, she called Jim to help her calm down. Their solution: to leave their guests waiting for hours so they could marry at Niagara Falls alone. Yes, we all loved that sweet moment between the beloved couple but they still abandoned their guests for hours. That’s not okay, guys.

2 Her Varying History With Volleyball

The Office Jim Pam Pregnancy

This next issue with Pam would be more of a continuity error than an actual issue with the character. Back in Season 4, Pam helped Michael at a Career Fair being held at her former high school. As she wandered throughout the halls, she reminisced about her days in attendance. In particular, she made a comment that she used to fake being ill to get out of playing volleyball during gym. Fast forward to Season 5 and the “Company Picnic” episode, and we get a completely different background for Pam. She actually showcased her volleyball expertise against the other company branches. She later revealed that she spent her summer at volleyball camp as well as having played from middle school to college. Yeah, that doesn’t add up.

1 Pam makes everyone lie to her grandmother about her pregnancy

The discovery of Pam’s unplanned pregnancy made Jim and Pam very happy (of course). However, Pam’s more conservative and traditional grandmother would not be so pleased. So in the events leading up to their wedding, she made it a priority to keep her happy news away from her. Yes, an adult woman is keeping secret from her Meemaw. Incidentally, the plans failed when Jim gave the toast at their rehearsal dinner and mentioned how Pam would not be drinking like everyone else. After soon poor excuses, he eventually admitted that Pam was pregnant. Meemaw then declared she would not be attending the wedding due to the unplanned pregnancy. Michael (of all people) managed to get through to her and convince her to attend, in the end. However, Pam could have just told her the truth in the beginning, right?


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