10 Things You Never Knew About The Office's Theme Song & Intro

There are a lot of things that make the U.S. version of The Office a wonderful show, including the intro and the theme music. When that music comes on, fans don’t even have to look at the television to see what show is playing, since the tune is so recognizable and unique.

The intro, as well as the music that plays during The Office, might as well be considered characters on the show, since they play a very important role in setting the mood for the entire series.

These things are only a small part of The Office, but they’re very important. The cast liked the theme music so much that they recorded a video of themselves singing along to it. Here are some other things fans of The Office might not know about the show’s intro footage, as well as the theme music.

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10 The Theme Song Didn’t Always Play During The End Credits

Before the fourth season of The Office aired, the theme music did not play at the end of the show. It’s pretty hard to imagine the series airing without the iconic music being played after every episode, but that is how things were until the fourth season of the show aired on television.

During the seasons that aired before that, there actually was not any music at all, but that changed when the fourth season of the series was filmed. If anyone who enjoys re-watching the series from time to time noticed that something was missing during the early seasons, that’s probably why.

9 The Footage In The Intro Was Filmed By A Cast Member

Actor John Krasinski, who plays Jim Halpert on the series, is the person who shot the footage that is shown during the opening credits. After learning he was cast in the show, Krasinski decided to celebrate by going on a trip with a couple of his friends, during which he filmed the shots of Scranton, Pennsylvania that are played at the start of every episode.

But that almost didn’t happen. Three weeks before he landed the role he is most known for, Krasinski came close to quitting acting, but he took his mother’s advice and waited a bit, and he jokes about that these days. “I give her a lot of love and 10%,” said Krasinski.

8 The Theme Song Was Composed By James Ferguson

The famous music that fans have come to associate with The Office was created by composer James Ferguson. If that name sounds a bit familiar, that is because this series is not the only well-known television show that Ferguson has made music for.

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His resumé is rather impressive, since he has worked on music for shows such as NCIS: Los Angeles, Women’s Murder Club, Tales From The Crypt, Going To Extremes, Melrose Place, and Eerie, Indiana. Ferguson has also composed music for popular films as well. Throughout his career, he has worked on music for The Terminator, Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, and This Is 40.

7 The Paper That’s Highlighted In The Opening Credits Has Nothing To Do With Dunder Mifflin

In one version of the opening credits, Jim is seen using a highlighter to circle something on a paper. One can only assume that this has some kind of connection to Dunder Mifflin, Inc.

But in real life, the paper, as well as what Jim is circling on it, does not actually have much of a connection at all to the fictional company. The paper is a document that is from the Los Angeles Department of City Planning, which seems a little random, considering the fact that the show doesn’t even take place there. Another odd thing is the fact that he uses a highlighter to circle something, instead of simply highlighting it.

6 The Theme Song Was Almost “Mr. Blue Sky” By Electric Light Orchestra

It’s hard to imagine The Office with a different theme song, but the creators almost went with “Mr. Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra. Everyone seemed to like it since it really fit the vibe of the show, but they did not end up choosing it in the end.

That is because the song was chosen to be a part of another show that was being worked on at the time, which was called LAX. This series had a really short run despite the fact that the cast was led by two very talented people, who were actress Heather Locklear and actor Blair Underwood.

5 A Few Other Popular Songs Were Considered

“Mr. Blue Sky” was not the only well-known song that almost became the theme for The Office since there were a few others that had a shot at it as well. One of the other songs that was a contender was “Better Things” by The Kinks.

That song came out long before the show, but the upbeat tune does seem to be fitting for the series. Another one that was briefly considered was “Float On” by Modest Mouse. Those songs were pretty awesome choices to pick from, but when it comes to The Office, they aren’t as good as the music that was eventually created for it.

4 The Theme Song Was Recorded One Week Before The Show Premiered On Television

Choosing a song that fit the show was a bit of a long journey, but once the creators knew what they wanted, they wasted no time, and they recorded the song one week before the show first aired on television. The band The Scrantones got together on a Thursday night and created the tune all fans of The Office know and love.

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The members of The Scrantones are musicians Dillion O’Brian, Brian Macleod, Hal Cragin, and Bob Thiele Jr. Before they recorded it, a producer of the U.S. version of The Office, Greg Daniels, played Thiele a demo of the theme. “We both agreed that while Jay’s demo had a really nice, whimsical quality, the recording could be more fully realized,” said Thiele.

3 Cast Members Helped Decide On The Theme Song

The cast of the American version of The Office was so involved in the creation of the show that they got the chance to help the creators choose what song would become the theme of it. Actor Steve Carell, who played Michael Scott on the show, has talked about how the music was chosen, and the fact that the cast got to vote on it.

Incidentally, we all voted on the theme song. We had four different versions of the theme song from different artists, and Greg Daniels, the producer, sent us all versions. And as a cast, we voted on what was going to be our theme song. It’s kind of cool,” said Carell.

2 Creed Once Added His Own Lyrics

Actor and musician Creed Bratton, who played a character of the same name on The Office, once sang his own version of the show’s theme song. This is pretty cool, but not at all surprising since he was once a part of a band.

In the 1960s, Bratton was a part of the band The Grass Roots. A couple of years ago, the talented star went on tour, and while he was touring, he gave fans a bit of a treat by performing his own amusing version of the theme song from The Office. He even added lyrics that referenced storylines from the series.

1 Rainn Wilson Made Up Some Lyrics

Creed Bratton is not the only cast member who made up his own lyrics to the theme song for the show, since actor Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight Schrute on the show, also claimed that he came up with a few.

Wilson wrote a memoir, which is called Bassoon King: My Life In Art, Faith, and Idiocy. Wilson used some sections in the book to discuss what it was like to make The Office, and he included the fact that he has his own unique version of the theme song. “I’ve written pretend lyrics to it on many occasions. Perhaps I’ll sing them to you one day if you’re nice,” said Wilson.

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