‘The Office’ Spin-Off ‘The Farm’ Adds Cousin Mose to Cast

Dwight Schrute's fan-favorite cousin Mose (played Mike Schur) will officially be a part of 'The Office' spin-off 'The Farm.'

The Farm - Cousin Mose

We can add yet another member to the cast of The Office spin-off, The Farm, this week and this one may be the most anticipated and celebrated so far. Mike Schur, an executive producer on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, will be reprising his role as Dwight Schrute’s cousin Mose for the spin-off pilot and potential series.

Although not an actor by trade, Schur may be best known to fans of The Office for his impeccably quirky portrayal of Dwight’s young beet-farming cousin.

Mose has certainly become a memorable character for faithful followers of The Office but Schur admitted he’s more comfortable behind-the-scenes than in them.

According to Schur:

“(Former Office showrunner/current Farm writer) Paul Lieberstein is mostly the driving force behind keeping Mose alive because he loves torturing me. There was one time where I had a whole real scene with Jim and Pam—it was the night they stayed at the Schrute B&B—and I served them breakfast and I had like six lines…and I was completely unprofessional because I’m not a good actor and just laughed every time."

Schur hopes he won’t be the only one laughing as the spin-off is planned to start shooting after The Office finishes its ninth and final season this fall. The rest of Dwight’s zany clan is expected to be introduced to viewers at some point during this season of The Office and if the response to the Schrute family is good, NBC will continue on as planned with development of The Farm.

The Office - Dwight Spin-off

As previously reported, Tom Bower (Die Hard 2), who will play Dwight’s great uncle Heinrich, and Matt Jones, (Breaking Bad) who will play cousin Zeke, also signed on to The Farm. Schur now joins the cast, which includes Thomas Middleditch (The Campaign) as brother Jeb and Majandra Delfino (Roswell) as younger sister Frannie.

If The Farm’s tonal quality, style and sense of humor even closely resemble that of The Office, then NBC may have another hit sitcom on its hands. The producers already have a lot to work with and now that Schur is officially onboard, there is certainly the potential for plenty of laughs if The Farm takes off.

Source: TV Line

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