Steve Carell Returning for 'The Office' Finale?

With The Office series finale rapidly approaching, die-hard Dunder Mifflinites are resigning to the fact that they will only get to see the beloved characters of the popular NBC show a few more times before their favorite paper company branch closes its doors for good. Even NBC realizes how tough it will be for fans to let go, as the network has recently kicked off a 10-episode Webseries titled The Office: Farewells, which will give viewers a chance to say a tearful goodbye to their favorite characters and the actors who portrayed them with behind-the-scenes interviews and memorable clips from the show.

The Office: Farewells will likely give fans some closure, but there's no question that almost any fan devoted to the show from the beginning would love nothing more than to see Steve Carell return as Michael Scott one last time - and fortunately, there's still a chance it could happen.

Despite announcing months ago that Carell was unlikely to return for the finale, NBC and the show's producers are still attempting to convince him to reprise his role as Scott one more time. TV Line is reporting that though there is no confirmation one way or the other, an NBC spokesperson teased "Don't rule anything out", but would not comment further.

Even if NBC was successful in coaxing Carell into a cameo for the hour-long finale, it's unlikely that it would ruin the surprise. However, Carell's personal representative did let some telling information slip, saying that Carell was on the set for the final episode, but did not shoot any scenes.

Carell could have been on set for a variety of reasons, including visiting old friends, but since he is not involved with the show in any capacity at the moment, one can only wonder why he would be there if he wasn't shooting his much-anticipated return scene.

It's also interesting that the network is suddenly refusing to confirm or deny his return and is instead dropping cryptic hints that seem to be designed to get fans to tune in to the finale. Obviously, it wants a massive viewership for the final episode, but it surely doesn't want to disappoint those who have invested so much in the series and the characters.

Most fans can respect that Carell left the show on his own terms - as he felt Michael Scott had completed his character arc and was satisfied with the character's exit -  but there's no question that they would be absolutely delighted to see him again - and one could imagine that Carell wouldn't want to disappoint, either.

Do you think Steve Carell will return for The Office series finale? And should he?


Tune in to see if Michael Scott makes an appearance on the final episode of The Office, which airs May 16, 2013 on NBC.

Source: TV Line

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