Will Ferrell Kicks-Off 'The Office: Farewells' Webseries

Will Ferrell to guest star on The Office

As The Office nears its conclusion following 9 seasons of laughter and awkwardness, the natural impulse is for those involved to look back at the show and it's impact on both them and television. Thankfully, NBC is capturing some of that reflection in the form of a 10-episode  webseries by series star John Krasinski called The Office: Farewells, which kicks off with a mustachioed Will Ferrell.

Ferrell's time on the show was brief - 4 episodes during Steve Carell's final days - but notable, featuring the bizarre yet hilarious invisible juggling routine and a slam-dunk-related injury that necessitated his departure from Scranton... and possibly earth. DeAngelo's exit led to the shoot-from-the-hip tenure of Dwight, as well as the rise of The Lizard King - aka Robert California (James Spader). There is no word on which other former Office stars will make an appearance on future installments of The Office: Farewells, but fans surely have a wish list.

With the documentary within the show taking center stage as the series winds to a close, there is no doubt that we will see a bit of old footage featuring Carell's Michael Scott, Mindy Kaling's Kelly Kapoor and virtually every other former member of the show's toybox of characters - but sadly, we likely won't see much more than that for Michael Scott.

In late January, Carell indicated that he would like to visit the set before the show wrapped, but that he would not appear in the finale, which is set to air on May 16th.

“I’m really good friends with everybody on the cast and with [executive producer] Greg Daniels and I want to go back to say, ‘Hi,’ certainly, before it all ends, but I just thought, in terms of the character, it didn’t make sense"

While a surprise cameo is always a possibility and certainly something that could be done in a way that wouldn't harm the character's initial, outstanding exit, many are likely just looking for something more than archive footage. Even a few minutes of reflection from Carell on The Office: Farewells might be a real nice way to get one last chance to simultaneously reminisce and say goodbye once more.


The Office airs Thursdays @9PM on NBC

Source: EW, Deadline

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