6 Reasons 'The Office' Was At Its Best In Season 8

Did you catch 'The Office' season 8? If not, you missed one of the best seasons in one of television's staple comedies. Seriously.

The Office - Halpter Family Photo

Let's face it: television fans are a fickle bunch. While watching a particular series may be "must see TV" during the course of one season, that same series can be easily relegated down to a Netflix "wait" or an on-sale DVD release.

When The Office lost Steve Carell toward the end of season 7, fans were appropriately concerned with what might happen to television's longtime comedy staple. Completely admitting that The Office has generally been hit-or-miss since its most famed seasons, one-time fans of the series should know that they're missing out on some absolutely wonderful television.

Not only has The Office returned to its former glory with this past season, but it has also evolved itself in such a way that longtime viewers of the series might actually say that The Office season 8 is the best ever. And you know what? They may not be wrong.

So as one Office fan to another, allow me to tell you why The Office has never been better – and why you should have another look.

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