Ranked: Who's The Best Salesman At Dunder Mifflin?

The Office might have been a show about a paper company, but it wasn’t really about the day-to-day operations of the business. What really made the show great was the ridiculous, over-the-top characters that viewers grew to love. The show made you invested in the lives, romances, and struggles of the characters, but a lot of the hilarious fun came from seeing the hijinks that employees got up to or dealt with while at work.

The sales team was definitely the backbone of keeping Dunder Mifflin Scranton up and going, but some of the sales people were definitely better at their job than others. We’ve put together a list of the Scranton Sales Team ranked from worst to best!


“Who has two thumbs and hates Todd Packer?” Jim and pretty much everything else.

Todd Packer truly was the worst. He basically sexually harassed every person he encountered and insulted everyone all the time. It’s amazing that Dunder Mifflin kept him around for as long as they did, even given how many bad employees the company has had. When Packer was finally fired, it was a great moment in the series. He was gross and thought he was wonderful. Good riddance.

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Ryan might have started out as a fairly normal temp, but he became worse and worse as the series went on. He was promoted to sales, but the show mentioned multiple times how he never really made a sale. When promoted to Vice President of Sales, he treated everyone around him horribly and ended up committing fraud. Ryan is a character who thinks he’s much smarter and better than he is, and his treatment of Kelly was pretty crappy throughout the series.

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Andy Bernard is not a great salesman. There are multiple scenes in the show that show him messing up sales calls, and Andy himself even mentions that he’s not very good at his job. Plus, he punched a hole in the wall... twice. Andy’s heart was never in the sales game, and he loved acapella and performing way more than his job. While Andy did become better at his job over time, he also becomes manager and then goes on a sailing trip around the world for three months while lying about his whereabouts. Unfortunately, Andy treated Erin pretty poorly in the last season, and overall he just became insufferable.

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Stanley was just there to run out the lock and make it to retirement. While that’s definitely relatable in many ways, he for sure wasn’t invested in his job. He clearly had the ability to make sales and do his job when he really needed to, but most of the time, he was more interested in his crossword puzzles and rolling his eyes at Michael Scott. While Stanley definitely had some sales skills, he wasn’t a top salesman.


Phyllis is definitely a character that was underestimated by her co-workers. While she was never a top salesperson, she was a solid player. In one episode, Phyllis goes on a joint sales call with Karen Filippelli and shows that she’s more astute at the sales game than most people realize. While Michael, Dwight, and others didn’t ever treat Phyllis very well, there was never any indication that she couldn’t do her job. She probably would have done even better if working in a less stressful environment.

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Danny Cordray was a really great salesman. He was so good that Michael, Dwight, and Jim working together couldn’t outsell him when Danny was still working for Osprey Paper. Michael Scott solved this problem by hiring Danny as a traveling salesman for Dunder Mifflin. While he wasn’t in the show very much, and might not have appreciated Pam when the two briefly dated, he was objectively one of the best salespeople around.

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Karen is a character that gets more hate than she deserves. While she and Jim definitely weren’t meant to be together and everyone was just waiting for Pam and Jim to get their act together, she never did anything horrible. Karen was also a good saleswoman who clearly had a handle on her job. After leaving Scranton, she even became the regional manager of the Utica branch. Without all the drama of Scranton and relationship issues, Karen clearly had the chops to be a great leader and saleswoman.

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Jim was definitely shown to be one of the best in sales throughout the show. He was promoted at various times to different positions, including co-manager with Michael. Jim was able to do well because he’s smart and also has better people skills than most of the people at Dunder Mifflin Scranton. However, Jim never really had a passion for sales, and he found something he truly loved doing when he founded Athlead. And, in the end, Jim was really at Dunder Mifflin for Pam, not the job.


Dwight might not have always been very likable, but he sure was great at his job. He was consistently top salesman in the entire company and was extremely dedicated to Dunder Mifflin. As the series went on, Dwight also grew as a person and ended up becoming regional manager of Scranton in season nine. While in his younger days he didn’t have the wisdom needed to run a branch, in the end, he became one of the best managers Dunder Mifflin had seen. It’s only fitting that the best salesman throughout the series got what he always wanted and stayed the most committed to the company.

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