Ricky Gervais WILL Appear Stateside In 'The Office'

Here it is, folks. The crossover that every fan of The Office has been waiting for is finally going to happen. That’s right, not only is Ricky Gervais going to guest-star in an episode, but he’s going to do it as the loveable ex-general manager of the Slough branch of the Wernham-Hogg paper company, David Brent!

Says Gervais of his plans,

"I think it would be funny for David Brent to walk into the US Office and hear them go, 'Oh my god, there's two of them!' We don't need to know about Brent's back story - the English Office exists in a cocoon and in the DVD. Michael Scott could just bump into Brent, who is a bloke from England. I don't think we'll take any of the other UK characters over - we'll probably leave it with just me because it's just too complicated."

After a mediocre sixth season (I’m never going to forget that horrible clip show), I’m really happy to see that Gervais is stepping up to yank the reigns back in the right direction, even if it is briefly and even though they’re not going to play up the whole back-story, fans of the show will already know about Brent’s bad jokes, crazy dances and horrible pick-up lines.

While we’re talking about The Office let’s continue with some news about the new secretary, Erin. Don’t get your hopes up of her leaving anytime soon because on March 11th Erin and Andy are going to have their first date.

Says writer, producer and Toby, Paul Lieberstein,

“It’s been a slow process of Andy gaining the courage to ask her out, but he finally does. The wrinkle in their first date is she gets sick [with the flu], but they attempt to push on anyway.”

Oh Yay! (Sarcasm) I’m not trying to mean, but silly me just thinks that if this is a comedy show maybe they should have comedic actors on the show or at least have the characters be entertaining.

Let’s not let this news of Erin staying ruin all our fun. What do you think of David Brent making an appearance? Is there any way it could be as good as it is in your head right at this moment?

Source: The Sun & Entertainment Weekly

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