The Office: 5 Romantic Relationships Fans Approved (& 5 They Rejected)

The Office was full of rather over the top characters who were more like caricatures at times, save for a few exceptions. It’s no surprise then that The Office had a variety of hilariously bad romantic relationships over its nine seasons. On the other hand, there were also some endearing couples that fans really supported and rooted for.

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There were many flings as well as long-lasting relationships on the show. The positive thing about many of the best couples in the series was how they showed that there was someone for everyone. We’ve put together a list of five relationships that fans supported and five that they rejected.

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Oscar and Gil was a relationship that didn’t get to live for too long. However, the brief interactions that these two had were those that fans could get behind. Oscar was with Gil when he was outed by Michael, and he stayed with him for a while after.

Unfortunately, this relationship didn’t last and the show focused instead on Oscar’s relationship with the Senator in later seasons. It’s a shame because Oscar and Gil could have been a great couple if the show had placed more emphasis on them.


Michael and Jan in The Office

Michael and Jan were one of the most unhealthy and toxic couples on The Office. Jan was always rather abusive to Michael, and Michael was always objectifying and disrespecting her. Overall, these two were horrible together.

Fans were definitely glad not seeing them end up together, even if there were some hilarious moments between the two of them on the show. Luckily, Michael found someone who was a lot better for him in the end.

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The Office Bob and Phyllis

Phyllis and Bob Vance definitely were a surprising couple. Overall, they seemed to have a good relationship. Bob Vance was always saying positive things about Phyllis and building her up. While he might not have been the most charismatic character, they did seem to love each other a lot.

It was definitely nice to get to see Phyllis have someone who loved her and have a happy relationship considering she was rather picked on at times at Dunder Mifflin.


Jim and Karen weren’t really a bad couple at all, but fans overall didn’t support them because they were rooting so hard for Pam and Jim. While Karen and Jim got along great and had a lot in common, the truth is that Jim was still in love with Pam.

Karen definitely deserved to be with someone who was as into her as she was into him. So, when it was later revealed that she got married and was happy, it was a good thing to see.

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Angela and Dwight were another surprising couple on The Office. Early in the show, they were more comedic than anything else. Seeing as they were both rather judgemental and mean people, there wasn’t much to support with them.

However, as the series went on, many fans started to support them. It was clear that they actually did love each other. And, however weird and off-putting they could both be at times, they worked together well when they weren’t sabotaging things.


The Office Gabe and Erin

One character that The Office directors struggled with knowing what to do with was Erin Hannon. They gave her multiple relationships throughout the show, and, truthfully, none of them ever really felt right.

Erin and Andy seemed alright for a while until Andy turned out to be a real jerk. But, the worst relationship she had was with Gabe. It didn’t really make a lot of sense when they got together, and it was clear that she didn’t really like him. Overall, it was just really uncomfortable.


The Office Michael and Holly

Michael had a lot of different relationships throughout the series. While Jan might have been the most unhealthy, he also had some bad relationships with Donna, Helene, and more. The best relationship he had was by far the one with Holly.

They got along well, and Holly didn’t put up with Michael’s worst qualities. It was definitely rewarding when these two got married and were able to live a life together.

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Angela Kinsey and Ed Helms as Angela and Andy in The Office

Andy was often one of the most annoying characters on the show, and he was especially obnoxious to watch when he was in romantic relationships. However, it wasn’t just Andy who was the worst in this couple. Angela didn’t love him at all but almost married him anyway.

She was also cheating on Andy with Dwight the whole time while putting Andy through the wringer. This couple was basically a train wreck.


Jim and Pam were definitely the romantic relationships on the show that was the heart of everything. They were set up to be the couple that everyone rooted for from the beginning. Their relationship provided a grounding and realistic element that The Office really needed.

While they definitely weren’t a perfect couple, they clearly loved each other a lot. Seeing their love story unfold throughout the series was one of the biggest reasons why many people keep tuning in.

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Pam and Roy were another extremely unhealthy couple. Roy was definitely controlling and didn’t treat Pam well at all. It was clear that Pam was only with him because she didn’t have the self-confidence in herself to leave the relationship.

When the two got back together after their wedding was called off, it was revealed just how toxic Roy could be. He got angry and trashed a bar violently after learning that Pam and Jim had kissed. It’s clear that Pam should never have been with him. Plus, Jim was clearly much better to and for her than Roy ever was or could have been.

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