The Office: 5 Reasons Why Jim and Pam Are The Best Couple On The Show (& 5 For Dwight and Angela)

The Office has seen many cute relationships form between co-workers. While many fans had suspected Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) would end up together, who would have thought there was another couple ready to steal the fans' hearts?

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No one predicted the relationship that blossomed between Dwight (Rainn Wilson) and Angela (Angela Kinsey). The two most closed-off characters proved they could be just as endearing as PB&J. But which couple was better? Here are 5 reasons why Jim and Pam were the show's best couple (and five why Dwight and Angela were).

10 Pro Jim & Pam: Their Chemistry

From the pilot episode, everyone could spot the chemistry between Jim and Pam. Even though Pam had been engaged to Roy (David Denman), everyone believed she should be with Jim. The friends had much more in common; for instance, they had the same sense of humor and the same attitude about life.

Out of all moments, their chemistry would often come alive when they performed their pranks. The partners-in-crime favorite person to prank was Dwight since he proved to be most gullible. One of the funniest scenes had to be when they convinced the salesman that Jim had telekinetic powers; another was when they learned morse code to wind him up. They always worked well together in these instances.

9 Pro Dwight & Angela: Their nicknames

One of the cutest moments in Angela and Dwight's relationship was their nicknames for each other. Considering both individuals were often seen as cold and serious, no one would have thought they would bring out the softer sides in each other.

It's quite apparent why 'D' is the affectionate nickname Angela holds for Dwight, but what about her nickname? On several occasions, fans have heard Dwight's call Angela 'monkey'. The pet name was first revealed to be a code word for Angela when they first began their secret relationship. He began to use it more affectionately when their relationship was exposed. Fans can only assume the origin of the name themselves.

8 Pro Jim & Pam: The foundation of friendship

There's a reason why the best friends fall in love trope is classed as formulaic. The shows on TV have proved the best and most successful relationships are based on a foundation of friendship. Monica & Chandler, Fitz & Simmons and Amy & Rory all have successful marriages because their years of friendship had already built a form of trust.

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This had also shown to be true with Jim and Pam, who proved to know each other like the back of their hand. One of their best moments was summarized through the "Christmas Party". The teapot Jim gets Pam is shown to embody their friendship. When Jim fills it with mementos, such as his yearbook photo and a mini-golf pencil, fans see how much history there is between them.

7 Pro Dwight & Angela: Valentine's Day gifts

Jim and Pam weren't the only ones who were great at giving each other presents as Dwight and Angela were too. In the episode "Valentine's Day", Dwight is seen to struggle to get Angela a present. This problem occurs when Angela gifts Dwight a bobblehead doll of himself, something which delights the salesman.

In turn, Dwight asks Pam for advice on what to get his "secret girlfriend". In a deleted scene for the episode, he is seen to be writing a love poem for Angela. The beets farmer eventually settles on giving Angela a key (presumably to his farm), which pleases her. Fans may not have seen much of their relationship, but it did prove how well they knew about one another.

6 Pro Jim & Pam: The wedding

The way Jim consoled Pam on their wedding day proved why they were one of the best couples of the show. Pam calls Jim, upset that she tore her veil. She also tells him that she regrets inviting their family and friends to the event. To cheer her up, Jim cuts off his tie and encourages her to run away off with him.

Jim had been aware that the wedding day may not have gone to plan and sorted arrangements out for them to have a secret wedding. Knowing how important it was to Pam for it to go off without a hitch, the pair boarded a ferry and were married under the falls. In his talking head, Jim revealed he had always believed Pam was the one.

5 Pro Dwight & Angela: Always drawn together

Everyone should have guessed Dwight and Angela would have been endgame since the pair always cheated with one another. Angela's relationships with Senator Lipton (Jack Coleman) and Andy (Ed Helms) were destined to fail since she cheated on them both with Dwight. Dwight's relationships with Esther (Nora Kirkpatrick) and Isabel (Kelen Coleman) had no chance either since the beets farmer had his mind on Angela.

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Since they were constantly drawn to one another, the pair ending up together was inevitable. Dwight and Angela eventually got married in the show's season finale.

4 Pro Jim & Pam: Their compromises

When Jim and Pam were going through a rough patch, the pair came out at the other end by making compromises. Their first trial came in season 4 when Jim and Pam struggled with the long distance. They also struggled in season 9 when Jim took a job opportunity in Philadelphia.

However, the pair managed to make their relationship work by communicating with one another. Pam chose to give up New York because the cons outweighed the pros. Jim also gave up his job, briefly, to help Pam with their family and to repair their marriage. Both compromises ended up with greater rewards as Pam earned a job she enjoyed and Jim retained his position at Athleap a year later.

3 Pro Dwight & Angela: A supportive friend

It had been years since they had a proper, romantic relationship, but Dwight and Angela proved they still had each other's backs. When Dwight struggled to look after his Aunt Shirley (Mary Gillis), Angela helps him take care of her by giving Shirley a makeover.

Dwight has also proven to be a supportive friend to Angela, particularly during her separation with the Senator. When Angela discovers that Oscar is having an affair with her husband, Dwight is the first person to comfort her. He is also willing to throw the paper plane contest so Angela would be able to claim the prize. They never stopped caring for one another.

2 Pro Jim & Pam: "You are everything"

After Jim had chosen to leave Athleap to save his marriage, Pam was worried that Jim would grow to resent her for it. Athleap was Jim's dream job so for him to resign from the post was a big thing. It didn't help either when Darryl kept updating Jim on the progress of the company.

When Pam confided in Jim about "not being enough", he asked the documentary crew to help arrange a surprise. It was revealed that Jim had asked them to create a video, compiled of shots from their relationship. As the video finishes, Jim reassures his wife that she means "everything" to him. He always did come up with the best speeches.

1 Pro Dwight & Angela: The proposal

One of the best moments in Dwight and Angela's relationship came in "A.A.R.M." when Dwight proposed. Throughout season 9, fans saw Dwight was torn between Angela and Esther. However, he realizes he is still in love with Angela after talking to Jim.

As a result, Dwight chases Angela down and proposes. He tells her that he doesn't care if Phillip is not his son, he would raise "100 children with 100 of her lovers" if it meant he could be with her. Angela happily accepts and then goes on to inform Dwight Phillip's true parentage, much to his delight. It was one of the most heart warming scenes in the show.

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