The Office: All Of The Holiday Episodes, Ranked

The Office is known for many things including its famous holiday episodes. Most of these had Dunder Mifflin's employees celebrating the true meaning of Christmas through participation in some sort of dysfunctional holiday party. Let's also not forget that one Season 7 episode that nodded Thanksgiving.

We're here to see how every holiday episode of The Office stacks up, so get ready for one wild sleigh ride through Scranton: here is a ranking of The Office's most festive episodes.

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8 (S7E9)

We’re kicking it off with an honorable mention: The Office’s unofficial Thanksgiving episode. follows Ryan’s attempt to get his co-workers invested in his internet company. While Thanksgiving isn’t the main theme of the episode, it first aired near the autumn holiday, and Dwight turns the office parking lot into a hay bale festival.

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Thanksgiving is mentioned once during a chat between the senator and Angela. Even if it's not a true Turkey Day episode, it's the closest thing we'll get.

7 Christmas Wishes (S8, E10)

"Christmas Wishes" sees Andy attempting to make everyone’s Christmas dreams become a reality. However, after introducing the gang to his new girlfriend Jessica, Erin becomes upset and drinks too much at the Christmas party. Robert California similarly mourns his divorce, and Andy becomes concerned about the pair bonding over their frustrations.

Meanwhile, Dwight and Jim are told by Andy that if they pull any more pranks on each other, they’ll lose their Christmas bonuses. Wanting to end up with twice as much as cash, they continuously frame each other by pranking themselves.

While "Christmas Wishes" is funny, it's nothing outstanding and lacks some of the charm in earlier episodes.

6 Moroccan Christmas (S5E11)

“Moroccan Christmas” sees Phyllis throwing the annual holiday bash instead of Angela for the first time as the new head of the Party Planning Committee. She blackmails Angela into doing what she wants, holding Angela's affair with Dwight over her head.

Meanwhile, Meredith gets drunk and sets her hair on fire at the party, which leads Michael to stage an intervention for her alcoholism and trick her into entering a rehab center. The last storyline has Dwight buying out the most-wished-for doll of the season, “Princess Unicorn,” so he can up-sell the toy for a profit.

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While some criticized the Michael-Meredith and Angela-Phyllis plots for feeling out of character, the episode is full of fresh humor when considered on its own.

5 Dwight Christmas (S9E9)

When the party planning committee doesn’t come through with their annual Christmas bash, Dwight gathers everyone around to celebrate a traditional Schrute Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas. He dresses up as the gift-bringer Belsnickel, who determines if Dunder Mifflin’s employees are impish or admirable: the equivalent of Santa’s naughty or nice.

The episode’s side plot sees Pete teaching Erin about his favorite film, Die Hard.

"Dwight Christmas" provided lots of laughs, returning with a feel more similar to earlier Office Christmas episodes. Rainn Wilson’s acting is also spot-on in this one.

4 Classy Christmas (S7E11/12)

This two-part Christmas collective saw Michael throwing a classy holiday party to celebrate Holly’s return to Dunder Mifflin. He believes that she will be single again, even though the last time he saw her, she was dating A.J. When she shows up and is still in a relationship, Michael decides to vandalize her Toy Story Woody doll and frame Toby.

Other storylines in the episodes include Darryl growing concerned that his daughter doesn’t want to spend the holidays with him and Dwight challenging Jim to an intense snowball fight.

“Classy Christmas” is all around funny and memorable, as it continues Micahel’s quest for love while containing gags familiar to the holiday-themed episodes before it.

3 A Benihana Christmas (S3E10)

“A Benihana Christmas” saw Pam and Karen teaming up to compete against Angela’s holiday party after they tire of her bossy antics.

Additionally, Michael’s girlfriend Carol breaks up with him after he sends her a family picture card with his head photoshopped over that of her ex-husband. This leads him to go to a Benihana restaurant, at which he and Andy meet waitress they bring to the holiday parties. Unfortunately for Michael, he gets the two girls confused and finds himself trying to figure out who is whom during the festivities.

The two-part episode is filled with the kind of conflict that’s so uncomfortable you can’t help but laugh. Jim’s two romantic partners scheming alongside each other additionally adds a fascinating and funny dynamic to the mix.

2 Secret Santa (S6E13)

In “Secret Santa,” Michael becomes upset when Phyllis walks in as Santa Clause because he’s used to dressing up as the big guy. In spite, he tries to out-do her by dressing up as Jesus. When Jim puts an end to his antics, Michael calls CFO David Wallace and learns that everyone might lose their jobs: news he uses to take back control of the Christmas party.

Pam meanwhile tries to push Oscar and the new warehouse worker into a relationship, and Dwight tries to determine what the mysterious pieces he’s receiving in the mail will build. Additionally, Erin asks her Secret Santa (Andy) to stop sending her actual “Twelve Days of Christmas” gifts after she gets attacked by the live birds.

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The episode features a ton of incredible one-liners and the cast's various conquests kept it going strong.

1 Christmas Party (S2E10)

The Office Christmas Party

Topping off the list is the inaugural "Christmas Party" episode, in which Michael changes “Secret Santa” into a more competitive white elephant gift exchange. This causes all sorts of problems, with Dwight ending up with a teapot Jim filled with memorabilia for Pam — Ryan ending up with a flowery nameplate that says “Kelly" — and Pam ending up with the iPod Michael had originally intended for Ryan.

While most of the office is upset by the results, Michael decides to lighten the mood by breaking the company’s policy on alcohol and turning things up. In the end, Pam decides to trade with Dwight, ending up with teapot Jim had bought her.

While the dry jokes made this episode hilarious, the sweet twist ending makes it just as heartwarming as it is funny.

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