The Office: 10 Most Hated Supporting Characters

The Office

While characters like Michael, Jim, Pam, and Dwight might be the most talked-about characters on The Office and get the most screen time, there are a variety of supporting characters in the cast from recurring ones to minor roles. While some of these side characters added a lot to the show and were loved by fans, many of them were also quite despised. There were some characters that the show would have been better off without. These characters ranged from being crude and obnoxious to just not being funny at all.

Here are the ten most hated supporting characters from The Office.

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Todd Packer was a minor character who had a recurring role. He would appear every once in a while to be a jerk and say a lot of disgusting, inappropriate comments.

He was so crude and awful that he made Michael’s inappropriate comments look benign. Todd Packer might have been alright to show once or twice, but he definitely featured way too many times. Fans definitely couldn’t stand him because he was just such a jerk, and he clearly thought he was attractive and hilarious even though he wasn’t.


After Steve Carell left the show at the end of season seven, the series really struggled to know what to do next. Without Michael, The Office struggled to find its footing. They featured a variety of actors who took on the role of Regional Manager for a time.

One of these was Deangelo Vickers played by Will Ferrell. This character was just annoying, and he was really hard to get a grasp on. While Ferrell might be known as a great comedic actor, this role was rather a dud.

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Of all the side characters on the show, Senator Lipton is one who causes some of the most issues. He is just a horrible person in so many ways. Firstly, he lies about his sexuality to Angela when he marries her, and then proceeds to have multiple affairs while they are together including one with Oscar. On top of all that, he then used Oscar as some sort of token minority to try and help him get re-elected.

He was a truly sneaky person who acted like he was a good man but was actually horrible. It’s no wonder fans couldn’t stand him.


Frank is a character that had a super minor role, but he definitely left an impact. Frank was a new warehouse employee that fans had never really seen before until he took issue with Pam’s mural. He was a huge jerk who defaced her art, but what made him really the worst was what happened next.

When Pam got back at him by painting his truck, he tried to physically assault her. This was such an extreme reaction, and it’s clear he was an angry, violent person.


There were many different people on The Office who were used mostly as side love interests in one way or another. Cathy Simms is one of the most hated of these characters. When Pam was pregnant with Phillip, Cathy was hired to help take over for her during her maternity leave.

Cathy spent most of her time trying to get Jim to date and sleep with her. Considering the fact that she met Pam and knew who she was, and also that she was pregnant, trying to sleep with her husband feels particularly awful.

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Rolf Ahl is another side character that only appeared once or twice in the series. He was Dwight's best friend, and he was first introduced during the Company Picnic episode. He was even weirder and more obnoxious than Dwight, and he was also kind of a jerk.

He spent most of the time trying to be rude to Angela, and he just was too obnoxious to be likable. Luckily, he wasn’t a recurring character as he isn’t one that fans wanted to watch.


Katy is another love interest that appeared on the show that fans didn’t like. She was briefly Jim’s girlfriend in the first couple of seasons of the show. While she was played by the very talented Amy Adams, the character wasn’t very likable.

She clearly wasn’t a good match for Jim, but, at the same time, Jim wasn’t very fair to her either. Obviously, fans wanted Jim to be with Pam, so they weren’t excited about him having a different girlfriend.


The Office

Roy Anderson is one of the biggest jerks on The Office. While most fans don’t like him, not nearly enough people talk about just how awful he was. He was definitely a person that had abusive tendencies and a violent streak.

While he started out as just a general, overall jerk, he really showed his true colors when he got violent and trashed a bar and then tried to punch Jim. Clearly, he didn’t have much control over his emotions, and the way the show tried to later redeem him a little was kind of weird.

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The Office Nelly and Toby

The last two seasons of the series definitely struggled to be as good as the earlier ones. The show never really recovered fully from losing Michael Scott, and many of the new characters they added just weren’t as good.

While Catherine Tate is a talented actress, the character of Nellie was so unlikable. This character was all over the place personality-wise, and it was hard to understand why she was even included. She just didn’t seem to be necessary to the plot, and she usually felt out of place.


Gabe Lewis is another side character that was added later on in the show who just wasn’t that likable. While he was all right at first, he just wasn’t as funny or interesting as some of the other characters. He definitely overstayed his welcome, and the show would have been better served by only including him for one season or so.

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