10 Things That Fans Of The Office Should Own

It’s been a few years since The Office went off the air, but it remains one of the most popular shows out there. Steve Carell, John Krasinski, Mindy Kaling – the whole cast, really – have gone on to become big stars since the finale aired.

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Viewers can’t get enough of the misadventures of Michael Scott and his staff, and like most great shows, it continues to pick up new fans all the time on streaming services and in reruns. So, for those who miss the exploits of the Dunder Mifflin gang, here is The Ultimate Gift Guide For Fans Of The Office.

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10 The Office: The Complete Series

SEE IT NOW: $49.99 | STREAM IT NOW: $69.99

Any real fan of The Office needs to have the entire series available for viewing at any given time. You might have a hankering for a classic episode, like “Niagara” or “Garage Sale” or “Dinner Party,” and when that time comes, you need to be able to pop in the appropriate DVD or play the episode on iTunes.

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Go back and revisit all the biggest moments in the series’ history: Jim and Pam falling in love, Andy joining the cast, Dwight and Angela’s affair, Michael’s romance with Holly, Sabre buying out Dunder Mifflin, Michael Scott leaving Scranton, and of course, the epic finale.

9 Official Dundie Award with Interchangeable Placards

SEE IT NOW: $33.99

One of the most iconic parts of the fictional world of The Office is the Dundie Awards, the annual awards ceremony at Chili’s. Not only does it offer Michael the chance to live out his fantasies of being Billy Crystal, but it also improves morale in the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin as the best and brightest of the staff are rewarded for their efforts.

Now, you can have your own Dundie Award with six interchangeable placards. There’s the standard Dundie Award, as well as the Fine Work Award, the Don’t Go In There After Me Award, the Bushiest Beaver Award, the Hottest In The Office Award, and the Whitest Sneakers Award.

8 Dwight Schrute Bobblehead

SEE IT NOW: $39.95

The characters of The Office regularly gave each other gifts, and more often than not, those gifts would become an integral part of the show as the recipient kept it on their desk or it simply became an iconic moment. An example of the latter is the tea kettle (filled with extra nostalgic gifts) that Jim gave Pam.

An example of the former is the Dwight bobblehead that Angela gave Dwight. She knew he was a fan of bobbleheads – as well as a fan of himself, being a narcissist and all – so a personalized bobblehead with the same tan suit and mustard shirt was the perfect gift for him. And it would also be the perfect gift for any fan of The Office.

7 Dunder Mifflin Embroidered Hat

SEE IT NOW: $29.95

One of the best ways to show you’re a fan of a TV show is to wear a hat or a t-shirt or a hoodie with an in-universe logo on it. It’s one thing to wear a t-shirt with the logo of the show on it, but that insinuates it’s just a TV show that only exists on the box in your world.

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A t-shirt with a fictional brand on it like Los Pollos Hermanos or Krusty Burger suggests you’re such a huge fan of the show that you live in its world. This Dunder Mifflin hat says the same thing about The Office.

6 World’s Best Boss Knit Dress Socks

SEE IT NOW: $19.95

Not only does this pair of socks have the Dunder Mifflin logo on it, but it also has the famous phrase “World’s Best Boss” written on the ankle. It’s best worn if you are a boss yourself and fancy yourself the world’s best boss, but it works well for any Office fan as a gift.

Any fan of a TV show can wear their fandom on their t-shirt or sweatshirt, but the true fan wears it on their feet, too. As long as you need to wear socks every day, you might as well get a pair that reflects your favorite show.

5 World’s Best Boss Dunder Mifflin Ceramic Mug

SEE IT NOW: $16.95

Michael Scott tells us the story behind this mug, which says “World’s Best Boss” on it, in the very first episode of the show. The whole episode, we’re led to believe he was given the mug by one of his employees who genuinely believed that he was the world’s best boss.

But then Michael revealed that he actually bought it for himself at Spencer Gifts. This set the tone for the character perfectly – he’s deluded into thinking he’s a fantastic boss, the perfect blend of iron-fisted ruler and laidback jokester, a thought that isn’t echoed by anyone else in the office.

4 The Office Trivia Game

SEE IT NOW: $149.99

Test your knowledge of The Office trivia with this board game specifically made for fans of the hit NBC mockumentary series. All of the spaces on the board and the cards involved in the gameplay are designed after parts of the show, from “That’s what she said!” to Michael’s infamous fun run to raise money to fight rabies.

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Usually, in board games, you can choose your favorite color as your game piece. But in this Office game, you can choose your favorite character out of Michael, Jim, Pam, Dwight, Ryan, and Angela. All in all, this is the definitive board game for Office fans.

3 Dunder Mifflin Mousepad


It’s fair to say that working in a real-life office is nowhere near as fun or exciting or interesting as it is presented in The Office. But you can bring a small part of the fantasy-land Dunder Mifflin spirit into your own office with this mousepad from the show.

You can feel like Dwight Schrute, the branch’s top salesman, or Andy Bernard, the resident a cappella singer, while you do your actual job by using the same mousepad they use at your own computer. Now, all you need is a camera to look at sardonically in the style of Jim Halpert.

2 Dunder Mifflin Paper Men’s Royal Blue T-Shirt


The Dunder Mifflin logo is as instantly recognizable as the logo of any real company, even though it wasn’t a particularly successful company within the fictional world of the show, and now, you can get that logo on a t-shirt. The t-shirt comes in all different colors, so you can choose a color based on your affiliations to certain regional branches.

In the episode “Company Picnic” – the one in which Michael struggles to tell Holly he loves her, they inadvertently break the news to the Buffalo employees that their branch is closing, and Pam finds out she’s pregnant – the Scranton branch wore red t-shirts, the Nashua branch wore green, etc. So, take your pick!

1 That’s What She Said – The Party Game of Twisted Innuendos

SEE IT NOW: $24.99

In the original British version of The Office, Ricky Gervais’ character David Brent (the British counterpart of Michael Scott) would often say, “As the actress said to the bishop,” if any sort of crude innuendo came up. This was Americanized for the NBC remake and resulted in Michael Scott immortalizing the phrase “That’s what she said.”

The phrase became a cultural institution almost immediately and is now so widely used that this entire board game was based on it. Fans of The Office are fans of “That’s what she said” jokes, so this is an ideal gift for anyone who loves the show.

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