The Office: 10 Jokes That Everyone Completely Missed

The Office is a comedy goldmine. Each episode is expertly crafted. Awful anxious tension is perfectly woven with jokes that always land. The humor is never simple. Each joke often has more than one meaning. Some riffs are so subtle they could sail right over your head.

Creed mouthing "That's what she said!" in the conference room and Jo's book in the background proves there are little gems hidden everywhere. These are some of the funniest moments that were so carefully nested, many fans missed them altogether. Now is your second chance to appreciate each one. How many did you catch the first time around?

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No one could forget the breathtaking moment Jim revealed to Pam that he bought her a house. The fact that it was his parents' house was even more endearing. When you buy the house you grew up in you expect to deal with some outdated decor. In Jim's case, he faced a creepy clown painting that seemed to be impossible to remove from the wall. The clown painting made a subtle return in a later episode that many may have missed. At the garage sale, the same clown can be seen up for grabs. Could that painting be hanging in Angela's nursery or over Creed's mantle? Did Jim have to tear down a wall to get it out?


Creed Bratton is nothing if not resourceful. He knows how to get himself out of a tough spot fast. After the launch of Dunder Mifflin Infinity, it seemed that the company was moving in a new direction. A younger direction. Sensing the wind of change, Creed decides to take drastic action. He warns the other old-timers that they may be on the chopping block.

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Michael calls a conference room meeting to address the issue. We see creed sporting a new shockingly black dye job in an attempt to look younger. During the meeting Michael bemoans the printer being out of toner. Not everyone connected the dots. Creed somehow perfectly coated his hair in toner without getting it all over his hands or clothing. He's a man of many mysterious talents.


Beet farming blurs the line between work and hobby for Dwight Schrute. It may be bordering on an obsession. Fans are familiar with his off-beat desk decor, including a bobblehead of himself given to him by Angela. Among the toys, action figures and staplers entombed in jello is a detail many may have missed. In the episode "Saint Patrick's Day", Dwight has added an agricultural touch to his workspaceUnder the warmth of a miniature UV lamp sits one single proud beet growing in a small pot. Perhaps it serves to remind him of his obligations at home. Everyone needs a reminder of what really matters.


Michael Scot is a master of creating awkward social situations. Gaining a girlfriend did little to improve his tendency to get weird. "The Dinner Party" is one of the most uncomfortable episodes of an infamously uncomfortable show. Michael and Jan are both very proud of every inch of the condo but there are a few details that Michael can't help but beam about. One is his prized collection of Dundees. The other is his plasma TV. He really loves to flaunt his wealth with this one.  He's excited about the splurge item even if it's smaller than most picture frames. Each character politely listens as he describes nabbing his prized plasma. Predictably, a horrific fight breaks out between Jan and Michael. The tension comes to a head when Jan tosses a Dundee and shatters the flat screen. You may notice the broken TV still hanging in later scenes.


Sprinkles lived a full life. Through Angela's care and affection, she found the will to survive countless ailments. Until Dwight Schrute interfered. As a farmer, Dwight is a practical man. He isn't one to cater to sentiment when he sees a problem that needs a solution.

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To Angela, Sprinkles was an elderly beloved friend. To Dwight, she was just an animal suffering needlessly. Dwight put an end to Sprinkles' life and his relationship with Angela, but that wouldn't be the last we saw of the beloved cat. Later we notice Angela's wallpaper has been set to a photoshoot of her precious Persian.


Michael Scott is the topic de jour at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. He makes an ass of himself regularly and his employees relish in gossiping about his foibles. When Michael lost his footing and found himself in a koi pond, the entire office was entranced. No one could think of anything else.  They mercilessly threw every fish related pun they could think of at their soggy manager. Eventually, Michael had enough and put his foot down but that didn't stop the fun. Several computers display aquarium scene wallpaper reminding everyone of the highlight of the day.


There are times when missing a small detail is arbitrary. Other times it could mean life or death. At Dunder Mifflin Scranton there are an alarming number of weapon-related incidents. Most of them stem from Dwight Schrute. During the brief time that he was the acting manager of the branch, he proudly strutted around with a revolver on his hip. Knowing all about gun safety, Dwight still managed to accidentally discharge the weapon, nearly killing Andy. In the chaos, Creed grabs the gun. No one makes a move to take it back.


No one loves a questionable holiday more than Michael Scott. His incredible felicity for making even the most benign celebration inappropriate is remarkable. All he wants is to be included in the Saint Patrick's Day festivities.

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In an effort to celebrate Irish culture, Michael set a tiny flag on his desk. This would have been a classy choice for decor had it been an Irish flag. Perhaps confusing orange for red, Michael mistakenly set out an Italian flag. Not knowing the difference between the two seems a bit unusual.


Michael Scott is a man of misadventure. He gets himself into a lot of sticky situations. in "The Search" Jim gets an urgent call from Helene and leaves Michael behind at a gas station. When Michael emerges from the men's room, he finds Jim gone with both his phone and his wallet. Always a man of action before thought, he sets out on an epic journey. What follows is much like Baby's Day Out. Michael wanders helplessly around Scranton unsure of how to get back to the office. Eventually, he decides he needs nourishment to carry on. Knowing his wallet is in Jim's car, he sits down to a big lunch. When the bill arrives, Michael decides to do the right thing and confesses his plan. The owner points out the previous thieves who have dined and dashed before him. Creed's face smiles back at the more observant viewer.


When you love a character like Michael Scott, you have to accept a laundry list of quirks and a lot of strange behavior. In "The Surplus", the eccentric Mr. Scott can be spotted pouring sugar into his diet soda. It's hard to guess exactly what he's thinking in this bit. Perhaps the idea of a sugar-free soda inspired this regretable do-it-yourself project? The mind boggles with questions about the outcome. Does the sugar dissolve or was Michael left with a gritty, fizzy mess? How is the flavor profile changed? Has he been doing this the whole time and the crew never caught it before? No one knows what events made Michael Scott the man he is but we can all be thankful for moments like this.

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