After hearing that the proposed spin-off of The Office (titled The Farmwould not be picked up by NBC, longtime fans of the show quickly realized that the quirky and memorable characters of the hit series would be making their last appearances in The Office season 9, which will conclude early next year. Even with the knowledge that this will be the last hoorah for the Dunder Mifflin crew, one question remained: How will the beloved series end?

The rumor mill has been churning for months now. We’ve heard that the identities of the documentary crew filming the characters would be revealed by the end, and that Dwight Schrute’s crazy family on The Farm would also be introduced at some point during season 9. Fortunately, Dwight Schrute himself (Rainn Wilson) confirmed these rumors recently, and shared a few more details about the series’ ending.

Here’s what Wilson had to say in an interview with HuffPost TV:

“Part of the ending is going to be not only resolving the characters and what’s happening in their lives, but the showing of the airing of the documentary on “The Office,” and showing what effect that has on the characters. That’s going to happen over the course of the last six or eight episodes. “The Office” characters get to watch themselves in the documentary. I think they’re probably being documented as they’re watching themselves in the documentary.”

It will certainly be fun and interesting to see the characters react to themselves in the documentary, but the ending will be bittersweet for everyone involved, including Wilson, who has spent the last decade portraying one of the weirdest and funniest characters on television. Although we will not see Dwight live on with The Farm, Wilson did mention that we will meet the family near the end of The Office, as an episode will feature the previously unaired pilot of the now defunct spin-off.

office dwight 0330 Rainn Wilson Talks The Office Ending & Defunct Spin Off Series The Farm

Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute on ‘The Office’

“…either all or some of it will be airing as an episode of “The Office.” So you will get to meet Dwight’s brother and sister, some other family members, and see a little more life on the farm,” Wilson said. “But yeah, it’s not happening as a show. And it was very disappointing. We had worked really hard on it and I think created a really cool and different pilot. But it was kind of a relief in a way, because it’s time to hang up the old Dwight bad haircut and glasses and move on.”

With 15 episodes left to air, the end is near, but there is still plenty to look forward to – including a guest spot from basketball legend Julius “Doctor J” Erving (who will be playing himself) and the introduction to the Schrute clan. And there are sure to be more surprises on the horizon. Will Steve Carell come back for one last appearance as Michael Scott? As more details are revealed, we will be sure to pass them along.

Season 9 of The Office returns to NBC on January 10, 2013, airing every Thursday at 9 p.m.

Source: The Huffington Post

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