The Office: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Dwight And Angela’s Relationship

The Office Dwight and Angela

There is no doubt that there were many office romances on the U.S. sitcom The Office. Throughout its nine seasons, everyone seemed to go through relationships, some of which seemed to be short flings, while other characters ended up getting married. The show also featured a fair share of breakup storylines, which were often at the expense of the show’s main character Michael Scott.

While the show often focused on the love story of Pam and Jim, there was another couple that often doesn’t get enough credit; Dwight and Angela. The couple had a complicated relationship from the start and both of them had vastly different personalities. Dwight, often the victim of pranks pulled by Jim, was seen as the weird guy in the office who was into karate, farming, and, of course, Battlestar Galactica. Angela, on the other hand, loved nothing more than her cats and was often seen as one of the ruder members of the office who only cared about herself.

As the show went on, though, the two began to grow closer and like all of characters on the series, they both went through an incredible story arc by the end of the series. While Dwight and Angela were a good match overall, there are some things about their relationship that are truly confusing.

Here are the 15 Things That Make No Sense About Dwight And Angela’s Relationship On The Office.

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Ed Helms, Steve Carell, and Rainn Wilson as Andy, Michael, and Dwight in The Office
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20 Dwight And Andy’s Friendship

Ed Helms, Steve Carell, and Rainn Wilson as Andy, Michael, and Dwight in The Office

When Angela breaks up with Dwight at the beginning of season 4, it nearly destroys him. To make matters even worse, Angela begins to date Andy Bernard, who eventually asks Angela to marry him. Against Dwight’s wishes, Angela accepts Andy’s proposal, but this starts a long string of affairs with Dwight.

Whenever Andy would talk about marriage plans, Angela would beep Dwight to go to the warehouse, where she would be unfaithful to Andy. Andy, of course, eventually finds out, but what’s weird is that he doesn’t stay mad at Dwight for long. In fact, after a while, they even become good friends. In the real world this kind of act wouldn’t be forgiven easily, and even in a fictional world it seems unrealistic. 

19 The Doctor Lied To Dwight

Rainn Wilson in The Office

After Angela becomes married to the Senator, she decides to have his child. In season 8, Dwight grows incredibly suspicious that Angela’s baby, Phillip, is actually his son. After holding Phillip, Dwight thought that the child looked like him, and the time Angela got pregnant lined up with one of their previous liaisons. 

Dwight was determined to prove the baby was his, so he set up a portrait studio in the office to try and get DNA from Phillip. Dwight eventually succeeds by getting a diaper from the garbage, but he is later proven wrong when the doctor tells him that Phillip isn’t his son. That being said, Phillip turns out to be Dwight’s son in the end, but why would the doctor lie to Dwight? Even if Angela didn’t want Dwight to know the truth, a doctor certainly wouldn’t have lied for her. 

18 Dwight Has A Wig Of Angela

Dwight Schrute in a Meredith Wig

Dwight is a bit eccentric to say the least. Over the nine seasons the show was on the air, Dwight did some very strange things around the office and had devised several plans to keep his coworkers safe. That being said, one of the ways he exacted revenge on Jim was by dressing up as Pam and sitting at her desk so that he could throw snowballs at Jim.

It is then revealed that Dwight has a wig for each of his co-workers, including Angela. Dwight says it is because “You never know when you’re going to need to bear a passing resemblance to someone,” though that hardly seems necessary. It was a funny gag in the show, but the reasoning for why he would need a wig of Angela and the rest of the office doesn’t really make a lot of sense. 

17 Dwight Is Actually A Good Husband

The Office Dwight and Angela

It’s fair to say that the last couple seasons of The Office had a significantly different feel to them, especially after Michael left. One of the strangest things about the final season specifically is how Dwight instantly becomes a good husband. Throughout the show, Dwight never really considered his co-workers his friends, but in the final season, he even becomes good friends with Jim. This also translated to his relationship with Angela.

With all of the weird habits Dwight has, you wouldn’t think he would be good husband material, but in the final season, his character was massively changed so that he could be a good husband to Angela. Some may say that it’s because he finally had everything he wanted, but it still doesn’t make a lot of sense. 

16 Dwight And Angela Weren’t Fired

Dwight and Angela The Office

Needless to say, there were many things that took place in The Office that would just never happen in real life. While Dwight and Angela’s meetups in the warehouse aren’t completely inconceivable, the repercussions that follow are. The main reason why their repercussions are inconceivable is because there weren’t any. After the camera crew caught Dwight and Angela during one of their escapades, Michael certainly would have found out about the incident.

If Angela and Dwight were caught fooling around at their work, they certainly would have been punished if not fired, but nothing seemed to happen to them. That being said, Michael wasn’t always the greatest at discipline, so the pair maybe could have gotten away with it, but it still would have never played out that way in real life. 

15 Dwight’s Sudden Interest In Esther

The Office Dwight and Esther

When the character Esther Bruegger was introduced in the final season of The Office, she immediately became a love interest for Dwight. Esther was a brussels sprouts farmer who was also Dwight’s third cousin. She was from the same farming community as Dwight and appeared in five episodes starting with season 9 episode 17 “The Farm”.

While they shared a similar profession, that was all that was really going for Dwight and Esther. At this point in the season, many people assumed Dwight would end up with Angela. His sudden interest in Esther was not only just filler for the final season, but it didn’t make a lot of sense either since he clearly still had feelings for Angela. 

14 That Whole Baby Contract Thing

Dwight and Angela - TV Couples That Shouldn't Have Worked

Both Angela and Dwight did a lot of questionable acts during The Office’s run from 2005 to 2013, but one of the strangest was the baby contract that they drew up. After seeing the extra sales Jim was getting from mentioning he had a child, Dwight decides that he wants a child of his own.

In season six, Dwight and Angela decide to have a baby together and do so by creating a legal document. The contract mentioned that Dwight had to get together with Angela at five different times of her choosing, but given Angela’s character thus far in the season, it hardly seems like something Angela would be okay with. 

13 Dwight Didn’t Take Angela In

Angela Kinsey in The Office

Angela’s life is turned upside down in season 9 when her husband, the Senator, announces to the public that he is a homosexual. Angela discovers that Senator Lipton used her strictly for good public relations and went behind her back with her coworker Oscar Martinez. Angela then moves into a small apartment with her son Phillip and her several cats.

After the State takes away her cats and evicts her from her apartment, Angela moves in with Oscar. Dwight says that if Phillip is really his son they can move in with him. That being said, since Dwight saw Angela really struggling and he cared so much for her, it would have made more sense for him to take her in regardless of Phillip’s parentage. 

12 Dwight Quits His Job For Angela

Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson as Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute in The Office

Dwight is shown to love many things in The Office. Besides the obvious beets, bears, and Battlestar Galactica, Dwight also enjoyed bobbleheads and karate. Above all else, Dwight loved his job at Dunder Mifflin. While Dwight was just a salesman at the company, with the fake title Assistant to the Regional Manager, he aspired to one day become Regional Manager of the Scranton branch. That being said, in the episode “Traveling Salesman”, Dwight is seen giving up his job all for Angela.

Dwight had gone to New York to deliver papers Angela had forgotten to submit on time and instead of telling Michael the truth about his trip, he lies so that his relationship with Angela can remain a secret. Since their relationship was relatively fresh at this point, it seems unrealistic that Dwight would give up his job just to keep their relationship a secret. 

11 Their Relationship Continued After The Sprinkles Incident

Angela Kinsey in The Office with Sprinkles

One of the biggest hiccups in Dwight and Angela’s relationship resulted after the passing of Angela’s cat Sprinkles. The cat was very sick and Angela asked Dwight to go to her house to care for the cat while she visited Meredith in the hospital. Rather than actually doing what she asked, Dwight decided to put the animal out of its misery by putting it in the freezer.

Angela finds out that Dwight was responsible for what happened to Sprinkles and decides to break off their relationship, which seemed like the natural thing someone would do. That being said, most people would never continue a relationship with someone who ended their pet’s life on purpose, but Angela did just that later in the series. 

10 Angela’s Engagement To Andy

The Office Andy and Angela

After the whole Sprinkles incident in season 4, Angela could no longer stand the sight of Dwight. She breaks up with Dwight and quickly starts a relationship with Andy. After a while, Andy decides to propose to Angela, who accepts his offer to become his wife. Throughout her relationship with Andy, Angela was incredibly cold to him and never showed any real interest in getting married to him.

It almost seems like Angela was going to marry Andy just to spite Dwight, which hardly makes any sense. Even if Angela wanted to hurt Dwight the way he hurt her, there were clearly easier ways to get the job done rather than getting engaged. 

9 They Constantly Talked About Their Relationship At Work

During the final season of The Office, everyone discovers that the documentary crew caught pretty much everything they had done for the past nine years. Clearly, everyone in the office must have forgotten that they were being constantly recorded and always wore microphones so that the crew could have good audio for the documentary. It seems like an odd thing for someone to forget, especially someone as smart as Dwight.

Angela and Dwight wanted to keep their relationship a secret from their coworkers, yet they constantly talked about their relationships at work. Someone as smart as Dwight should have known that even if they went to the elevators or the stairway to talk, the camera crew still would have been able to hear them. 

8 Dwight Doesn’t Just Tell Angela His Feelings

Rainn Wilson as Dwight - Best Office Episodes

Throughout the show, Dwight is shown to clearly have feelings for Angela Martin. Despite her cold and sarcastic outer shell, she seemed to have a soft spot for Dwight. After the couple is broken up following the Sprinkles incident, Angela begins dating Andy and eventually Robert Lipton. Dwight may have had relationships with other women besides Angela, but he was clearly always in love with her.

That being said, there were so many opportunities for Dwight to just tell Angela his true feelings to try and win her back. If Dwight would have just been honest and open with her, he could have won her back sooner, but instead, he plays games and gives her ultimatums. 

7 Andy Didn’t Find Out About Dwight And Angela’s Affair Sooner

Ed Helms as Andy in The Office

Even though Dwight and Angela are trying to keep their office romance a secret from their coworkers, Phyllis eventually finds out about Angela being unfaithful to Andy. Instead of going straight to Andy, Phyllis blackmails Angela so that she can have more control over the Party Planning Committee. Phyllis eventually lets it slip at a Christmas party that Angela is betraying Andy, yet none of the office members tells Andy for several episodes.

With the office’s reputation for keeping secrets, especially Kevin, it seems unlikely that Andy didn’t find out about Dwight and Angela’s affair sooner. Even after he finds out, his reaction wasn’t what a lot of people were expecting since he eventually becomes friends with Dwight. 

6 When Did They Actually Start Dating? 

The Office Cast

Dwight and Angela’s relationship is first fully revealed in the middle of season 2. That being said, there are some fans who believe they could have been dating since the very first episode of the series. In the very first episode, Dwight is seen singing the song “The Little Drummer Boy”, which most people know is Angela’s favorite song.

Since it clearly wasn’t Christmas time given the decor in the office, it points to the fact that the couple could have been dating much longer than originally thought. Much like the long-standing mystery of who started at Dunder Mifflin first between Jim and Pam, fans may never know when Dwight and Angela actually started dating.

5 Toby Didn’t Intervene In Their Relationship

Paul Lieberstein as Toby Flenderson in The Office

It’s fair to say that not very many people at Dunder Mifflin Scranton enjoyed hanging out with Toby Flenderson. Working in HR, Toby would always call out Michael when he did something inappropriate at work, which seemed to happen pretty much every day. Even though Toby would call people out when they did something wrong at work, very rarely did any discipline come from it.

One of these times is when Dwight and Angela have their office relationship. Since the relationship had clearly caused conflicts between Andy and Dwight and made everyone else uncomfortable, Toby should have intervened in the relationship but never did. No wonder Michael hated Toby so much!

4 Everyone Was Invited To Their Wedding

Dwight and Angela Wedding The Office

The series finale of The Office doubled as a send-off to all of the characters and the wedding of Dwight and Angela. During the finale, all of the workers at Dunder Mifflin Scranton are seen at the wedding held at Schrute Farms. That being said, would all of them really have been invited?

Sure Dwight had developed in the last season and actually considered Jim and Pam his friends, but Angela still seemed cold to many people in the office. Given that it was not only a life-changing day for Dwight, but Angela as well, it is highly unlikely that she would have realistically invited everyone from her work. 

3 The Affair Goes Against Dwight’s Morals

Rainn Wilson as Dwight The Office

Throughout the entire series, Dwight is seen as a rule follower. He once said he was a Lackawanna County Volunteer Sheriff's Deputy and even got on people who were slacking off at work. Dwight even goes berserk when he finds a random pill in the office and nobody will confess to owning it. Given Dwight’s strict moral code, it seems like having an affair with Angela never would have happened, especially on company property.

Dwight always did everything by the book, but apparently, Dwight reads a different book when it comes to getting advice on relationships and betraying his co-workers. Even though Dwight truly loved Angela, it just doesn’t seem like something he would do.

2 Dwight Allowed Angela To Be Blackmailed By Phyllis

Even though Dwight never really considered most of his co-workers to be friends, he always felt a moral obligation to protect them. For example, Dwight saved Jim from being attacked by Roy, and also got protective of Pam after he saw her crying outside of the Diwali celebration and says, “Who did this to you?” That being said, Dwight did nothing to prevent Phyllis from blackmailing Angela.

After Phyllis discovers Angela is betraying Andy, she blackmails her to get more creative control over the party planning committee. Given Dwight’s character and his loyalty to his co-workers, it hardly seems believable that Dwight would just let this happen to someone he cared that deeply about. 

1 Angela Has An Affair With Dwight At Work

Angela Kinsey as Angela in The Office

From the very beginning of The Office, Angela was always seen as a no-nonsense type of woman who came across as very cold and rude. Since she can’t live with the fact that she is about to marry someone she despises, Andy, she starts to have an affair with Dwight.

With as strict as Angela seems to be, it hardly seems within her character to have an affair as she promised Andy her hand in marriage. What makes it even worse is that they carried out their escapades at their place of employment. Angela was never really seen as a risk taker, so doing this at her work hardly makes sense. 


Is there anything else that doesn't make sense about Dwight and Angela on The Office? Let us know in the comments!

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