The Office: 5 Couples That Are Perfect Together (& 5 That Make No Sense)

After nine seasons on air, The Office had a lot of epic love stories, along with some epic duds. These are their perfect couples, plus their worst.

The romantic storylines on The Office played a huge role in the show’s overall success. Fans related to the many couples that fell in love at various points throughout the history of the sitcom. Some storylines would play out in the long run with slow burn relationships that always left fans wanting more. But others would deliver weak results of romance that had the audience wondering why they were even involved with each other in the first place.

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We will look back at both the best and worst overall couples on The Office. The best ones still put a smile on our faces when binge-watching the series back on Netflix. Sadly, there were the worst ones that made fans wonder how a brilliant show can miss the mark so badly. Find out which romantic storylines had the strongest and weakest impact. These are five couples on The Office that were perfect together, along with five that made no sense.

10 Perfect: Michael and Holly

The Office

The personality of Michael Scott made it difficult for anyone to have a meaningful relationship with him. Holly joining the Scranton branch as Toby’s HR replacement would see Michael finally meet someone with a personality and sense of humor as out there as his.

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The two fell in love through their mutual interests and personalities, but timing issues would see them drift apart before finally getting together in the end. Michael was able to improve as a person and find the love of his life, just in time for Steve Carell’s departure from the show.

9 No sense: Andy and Erin

The Office Andy and Erin

The Office tried to force a romantic storyline of Andy and Erin getting together after the other main characters found their ideal love interests. Unlike some of the better builds, this one felt weaker, with the two characters often struggling to get on the same page.

Andy’s progression as a bad boyfriend would ultimately doom the relationship, since his weaknesses played a huge role in his downfall in various areas. This is one relationship that couldn’t fit together, as the forced feel of the new Jim and Pam never worked as expected.

8 Perfect: Phyllis and Bob Vance

The Office Bob and Phyllis

The most underrated relationship on The Office would have to be Phyllis and Bob Vance. Phyllis was a generally wonderful person that rarely had issues with her co-workers, and her relationship with Bob Vance from Vance Refrigeration saw them fall madly in love.

Other couples in The Office would struggle to show the same level of affection or care for each other. Bob was revealed as a romantic, with quite a few gestures showing his love for Phyllis. Despite not having too many episodes about them, this couple showed a great depiction of love.

7 No sense: Daryl and Kelly

The Office Darryl and Kelly

The end of Kelly’s relationship with Ryan would see her enter a new romance with Darryl from the warehouse. Darryl was an underrated character at the time, but he finally got more episodes and storylines during this storyline.

Unfortunately, the relationship with Kelly made little sense when watching them together. Kelly was known for having an over the top personality that bordered on toxic while Darryl was a kind-mannered person that eventually grew tired of her antics. It was no surprise that the relationship ended relatively quickly.

6 Perfect: Dwight and Angela

Both Dwight and Angela had polarizing relationships with the other members of the office. They each had their fair share of positive moments, but their inability to get along with well others often rubbed everyone the wrong way.

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Angela and Dwight found a mutual passion for following the rules that brought them together in the early seasons. However, it would take the entire series before the two finally agreed to spend their lives together. It was clear from the start of their relationship that they were meant to be though, if only because no one else in the world could tolerate them.

5 No sense: Michael and Jan

Michael and Jan in The Office

The relationship between Michael and Jan would see Michael pull off the impossible. Following years of showing disgust towards Michael as a person and her employee, the two started dating in a serious relationship.

This couple showcased all the negatives of romance, as they never appeared happy. Their constant miserable moments would indicate that they were each forcing the relationship out of fear of loneliness. If anyone is ever in a relationship that goes down like the dinner party scene between Michael and Jan, that is the worst sign possible for the future!

4 Perfect: Jim and Pam

The long-term storytelling of Jim and Pam finally getting together was the first major storyline that won over viewers. Fans could feel the pain of Jim in season 2 and the fear of Pam in season 3 as the timing saw them drift apart through the struggles.

Jim and Pam finally getting together in the season 3 finale made every viewer smile at the heartfelt moment. The two would remain together for the rest of the series, showcasing the joy of being in love and building a life with your best friend.

3 No sense: Angela and Andy

Angela entering a relationship with Andy shortly after breaking up with Dwight, which created an intricate love triangle. Andy was quite annoying and detestable up until this point, but viewers would show sympathy for him when it was made clear Angela was using him.

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Crushing moments like Angela cheating on Andy with Dwight or smaller moments like Angela dumping ice cream on Andy’s car for showing love exposed how bad this relationship was. The two made no sense together and thankfully never went through with their marriage plans.

2 Perfect: Ryan and Kelly

The toxic relationship between Ryan and Kelly made them perfect together, given how selfish their personalities would prove to be. Each character started off harmless during their first stint together before progressively turning into rotten people (or finally exposing their already rotten personalities).

The end of their story would see them get back together when Ryan abandoned his child and Kelly abandoned her husband to run off together. Even in their most evil actions yet, fans couldn’t help but realize the two belonged together for better or worse (definitely worse).

1 No sense: Pam and Roy

The relationship between Pam and Roy was tough to watch in the early seasons of The Office. Jim’s love for Pam is a huge part of the story, but Roy taking her for granted is equally as important in her journey. Pam rarely stands up for herself, showcasing the early flaws in her character.

Roy would say insulting things or do selfish acts that she overlooked until the two finally broke up following Jim’s kiss. And it was an important part of the story that Pam realized she was better off without Roy mistreating her before officially entering the relationship with Jim.

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