The Office: The 5 Best Couples (And The 5 Worst)

The Office might have consistently made us laugh, but it did more than that, too. One of the best things about the show is how it made us love the characters and get to know them over the nine seasons. Even though many of the characters were often the worst, we got to see their good sides, too and see how their relationships played out over the years. Some of the romantic relationships on the series were definitely adorable and goals, while others were not so great.

Here’s a list of five of the best couples on the show and five of the worst.

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Michael and Jan were horrible together. While in the first couple seasons of the show, Jan seemed like she was a pretty normal person, she ended up having a lot of issues. Jan treated Michael horribly, even making him sleep at the foot of the bed on a trunk. And, for Michael’s part, he took Jan back after she got a boob job even though he knew she wasn’t right for him. Their relationship went from bad to worse and was mostly a train wreck.


Michael and Holly in The Office

In comparison to Michael’s relationship with Jan, Michael and Holly get along great. While their relationship wasn’t a smooth road and they did break up for a while, in the end, they are perfect for each other. They were both major dorks, and they loved each other for who they were. Holly wasn’t always trying to change Michael, and Michael also respected Holly as a person. It was heartwarming in the finale when we learned that the two were married with children.


Kelly and Ryan were a toxic match. They were codependent, and Ryan always treated Kelly poorly. He would regularly break up with her and cheat on her. Kelly was also manipulative, and since they were both so narcissistic, the relationship was meant for disaster.

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For whatever reason, the two just couldn’t stay away from each other, and Kelly even left her perfect boyfriend Ravi to be with Ryan in the end. Plus, Ryan literally abandoned his own son to run away with Kelly. What the hell?


Bob Vance might have seemed like a ridiculous character what with the way he was always trying to promote his business, but he and Phyllis had a sweet relationship overall.

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They seemed to really love each other, and their relationship lasted throughout the series. Bob Vance would buy Phyllis nice gifts for Valentine’s Day and would stick up for her when Michael was being a jerk.


Angela has made a lot of bad decisions when it comes to relationships. Her relationship with Andy was also really bad, but as far as the worst couple with Angela goes, it’s definitely her and Senator Lipton.

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The Senator was gay and never loved Angela, and Angela kept putting up appearances even after she learned of this fact. Senator Lipton was a slimy dude who ended up treating both Angela and Oscar poorly.


The Office Dwight and Angela

While this relationship didn’t seem so sweet or good at first, it became apparent over the seasons that they were meant for each other. Both Dwight and Angela are pretty interesting people who aren’t super pleasant, but they worked together as a couple. In the series finale, fans saw that they had grown a lot as people and were finally good together as a couple. Their wedding was adorable, and they had clearly come a long way from when they were hiding their relationship and hooking up in the warehouse.


The Office Andy and Erin

Andy Bernard was annoying but not totally awful when he was first introduced to the series, but, in the last couple of seasons, he became king of the worst.

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He treated Erin very poorly and went off to sail the world without consulting her. He was basically just a complete asshole to her in the end, and Erin definitely deserved better. While at the start of their relationship it seemed like the two of them could be a decent couple, it clearly became clear that Andy was too selfish and lacking in self-awareness to treat Erin well.


While this relationship didn’t get developed too much in the show, it was a sweet one. After being treated so poorly by Andy, Erin definitely deserved to be dating someone who would treat her well. Pete was a normal, sweet guy who was much more ready for a relationship, and Erin definitely needed someone who was more stable, unlike Andy. It was sweet to see the two of them begin to date and to see Erin possibly be getting a happy ending with love.


Pam and Roy were a horrible couple, and Roy often even bordered on abusive in some ways. He never respected Pam. He didn’t support her goals of being an artist, wouldn’t ever want to hang out with her, and often put her down. He also ended up trashing a bar and throwing things around after learning that Pam and Jim had kissed, and then he punched Jim. Clearly, he was an angry guy who was kind of just an asshole. Pam deserved a lot better, and thankfully, she never went through with marrying Roy.


While these days it's in vogue to point out issues with this relationship, they clearly were meant to be together. Jim and Pam weren’t perfect, and their relationship isn't always perfect either. But, overall, they were an extremely sweet couple who learned with time how to adjust and deal with problems that came up in their relationship. The two loved each other for years before they ever got together, and they truly were committed to doing what they had to do to make their relationship last.

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