The Office: 5 Best Things Michael Did For Pam (& 5 She Did For Him)

The Office has seen many friendships and romances develop over the years, but none have been as precious as Pam and Michael's.

Hit sitcom The Office has seen many romances and friendships develop over its nine years. One of the most endearing came in the form of Michael and Pam. There were many times where Michael and Pam didn't get along as the boss would often cross a personal boundary by saying or doing something offensive.

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However, they gradually became good friends, with Pam becoming a confidant and a moral compass for Michael. In turn, Michael would always be the first to have her back. Keep reading to discover what the 5 best things Michael did for Pam and the 5 she did for him.

10 Pam: Helping with Michael's proposal

When Michael and Holly reunited in season 7, the entire office was made up. She was the perfect partner for him so it came as no surprise to fans that Michael wanted to propose. However, Pam had to stop his original proposal plan from going ahead as he almost hurts himself in the process.

Instead, Pam leads Michael back to the office and arranges for a group of workers to help him. Fans can assume that Pam helped him set up the candles, with the former receptionist seen standing with her colleagues in the kitchen. She also looks upset at Michael's decision to move to Colorado. It shows how much she values her friendship with him.

9 Michael: Talking To Pam's Grandmother

Jim and Pam's wedding was a significant milestone, with all the office workers traveling to Niagara Falls to attend the ceremony. Pam was disheartened by the fact that her grandmother was not going to attend the wedding after Jim let slip that she was pregnant.

However, it was Michael that proved to be the savior of the day when he went up to her grandmother's room and convinced her to come. It was touching that he was the only one who was able to sway her and didn't even take credit for it. He did it because he knew how important it was to Pam for her to be there.

8 Pam: Advising him to break up with Jan

One of the worst and most toxic relationships on the show came in the form of Jan and Michael. In the episode "Women's Appreciation", fans learned how abusive their relationship is when Michael tells Pam how Jan manipulates and controls their personal and intimate lives.

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Pam advises him that if he is unhappy with the relationship, he should end it with her. She also helps him come up with a pros and cons list to help him make a correct decision. Michael is seen to appreciate her advice and asks her to sit in on his break-up call for support. This is the starting point where fans see Pam become his confidant.

7 Michael: The biggest Jim & Pam supporter

In some way, Jim and Pam had Michael to thank for their relationship. He was seen to be their biggest supporter. When Toby exposed their relationship, Michael was ecstatic and makes a speech about how happy he is that the two are finally together.

However, the biggest support he gave them came in the "Booze Cruise". Near the end of the episode, Jim confided in Michael about his feelings for Pam. He is shown to be disheartened by the fact that Pam and Roy were thinking of setting a date. Michael tells Jim that if he is serious about Pam, he should never give up. As fans know, Jim takes his advice on board.

6 Pam: Helps Michael get closure

When Michael and Holly broke up, the regional manager took it hard. On several occasions, Michael had insisted that Holly was the only woman for him; ultimately, this was the main reason all his other relationships didn't work out. When Pam gets her closure with Karen, she convinces Michael to go to Nashua to see Holly.

Whilst Pam attempts to finish his presentation, he explores their office and finds a letter addressed to him on Holly's laptop. As he struggles with the choice of whether he should read it or not, Pam decides to take matters into her own hands and reads it for him. She also becomes a confidant for him after this.

5 Michael: Helps Pam with her pregnancy

We have already established that Michael was the biggest supporter of Jim and Pam so it was no surprise that he was there for them during the pregnancy. When Pam goes into labor during "The Delivery", Michael helps to distract her from the contractions. He is also seen trying to ease Pam's worries about motherhood.

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Since he was part of the problem, Michael then volunteers to drive the couple to the hospital. He asks Dwight to collect Pam's iPod when she panics over not finding it and he's also one of the first people to greet their newborn baby. It's nice to see how much Michael cares about their friendship.

4 Pam: Believes in Michael's paper company

Fans all know Michael doesn't make rational choices and he made another impromptu decision when he quits his job. After running into many conflicts with Charles, Michael departs from Dunder Mifflin to start his own company. He attempts to recruit several members from the office but is thrown out by Charles.

However, Pam is the only one to follow him out of the building and insists she is coming with him. Although Pam is a little worried about the instability of it all, she also helps Michael to get the ball rolling and encourages him to go ahead with his dreams.

3 Michael: Gets Pam her old job back

Michael and Pam took a risk when they quit their jobs to join the "Michael Scott Paper Company". They proved to have a good partnership, stealing clients from Dunder Mifflin and cutting out the other competition. It became such an issue that David was considering buying out the company.

However, Michael was aware that his company was on the verge of bankruptcy and refused to accept a settlement. Instead, he bargained with David that he, Pam and Ryan could have jobs again. He also kept Pam on with the sales team after he debated whether to choose her or Ryan. Michael always had her back.

2 Pam: The airport goodbye

By the time Steve Carell departed the show, Michael and Pam had one of the strongest relationships in the office. In the episode "Goodbye, Michael", fans see how important it is for Michael to say goodbye to the administrator. Just as his taxi pulls out of the parking lot, fans are disheartened to see Pam has missed him.

However, just as fans thought it was too late, Pam comes rushing through the airport to say goodbye. The moment is more touching because we cannot hear what is said in the final exchange. Fans just get to watch an intimate moment unfold before Pam waits until his plane leaves the port.

1 Michael: The Art Show

The best moment that occurred between Michael and Pam was at her Art Exhibition. In the episode "Business School", Pam is excited that her work will be on display and invites the office to her exhibition. However, she soon finds herself discouraged when she overhears Oscar and his boyfriend call her work "motel art".

Michael is the only other member to turn up and expresses his delight with her work. He is particularly fond of the painting that contains their office building and the detail she had put in his car. When he tells Pam how proud he is, fans see how much it means to her. They share a hug before Michael buys the picture and hangs it in the office.

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