The Office: 5 Best Friendships (& 5 Best Frenemies)

The Office is full of hilarious jokes and memorable one-liners, but what really makes the show lovable is the characters. While many of the characters are over-the-top, fans enjoyed seeing their stories and lives unfold. The interactions between the different characters on The Office were definitely hilarious and sometimes heartwarming.

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Many of the employees of Dunder Mifflin had real friendships while others had more complicated relationships, fluctuating between being friends and enemies. We’ve put together a list of the best friendships from The Office and the best frenemies.

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Phyllis and Stanley were two employees of Dunder Mifflin that were mostly focused on doing their jobs and getting through the day. While they weren’t exactly best friends, they got along fairly well.

It’s clear they had a pretty steady working relationship. They were often over Michael’s antics, and they just wanted to be able to get their jobs done so they could go back home. This is definitely something that many of us can relate to.


This is probably one of the most iconic frenemy relationships on the show. This is because while Michael thought that he and Ryan were friends, Ryan didn’t like or have any respect for Michael at all.

Ryan was pretty rude to Micahel throughout the years, and he definitely took advantage of the fact that he really wanted to be his friend. Luckily, Michael was finally able to see Ryan’s true colors as the show went on.

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These two are a rather unlikely pair as you wouldn't think they'd get along that well. Kelly is rather dramatic and loud while Jim is a bit more subdued and not as talkative. However, they always got along pretty well, and Jim was always nice to her.

It was a rather nice moment when Jim gave Kelly a Twilight poster for Christmas one year. While they would never really hang out outside of work, they had a good working friendship.


Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson as Michael Scott and Dwight in The Office

This is another relationship where one person wanted to be friends and the other was not interested. For many seasons, Dwight wanted so badly to get Michael’s approval, and Michael definitely took advantage of this. He used Dwight to do many errands for him without giving anything back.

It took Dwight many years to see Micahel treated him poorly and to stop trying to do everything to get his approval. And, in the end, Michael started treating him better and was even the best man at his wedding.

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This friendship is probably one of the most solid on The Office. Jim and Daryl were actually friends to the point that they hung out outside of Dunder Mifflin. They were good enough friends that Jim hired Darryl to work for Athlead, and they even lived together in Philadelphia during that time.

While they might have had some small hiccups during their friendship, they clearly cared a lot for each other and had each other’s backs.


Angela and Phyllis had one of the most iconic frenemy relationships on the show. In early seasons, Angela was the head of the Party Planning Committee. She was quite mean to Phyllis during this time and bullied her.

When Phyllis learned of Angela’s affair with Dwight, she used this to her advantage to turn the tables against her. These two never really became friends, but their interactions with each other were truly hilarious.


Jim and Pam might have ended up getting married and having a family together, but the reason their romantic relationship was so strong is that they were such good friends first.

While Jim might have always had a crush on Pam, their affection for each other was first just a friendship. These two definitely got along well as friends, and this part of their relationship is still apparent even when they start dating.


Angela is not a person who gets along very well with anyone. As she’s rather judgemental and hypocritical, she can be a lot to deal with and doesn't really like anyone. She and Oscar always drove each other crazy, and she was quite judgemental of the fact that he was gay. So, when Oscar had an affair with Angela’s husband, the Senator, things got really interesting.

These two became real enemies for a while, but then they became friends when Oscar offered to help Angela after her divorce. This was quite the twist, but it was definitely heartwarming.

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Pam Dwight and Jim in The Office finale

The friendship between Pam and Dwight was one of the most surprising on the show. In earlier seasons of The Office, Dwight was pretty insufferable and mean to everyone. Yet, there were some moments that showed he actually considered Pam a friend.

While neither of them was ever that open about their friendship, they did have one, and it’s really rather sweet. One notable moment in the series is when Dwight says that Pam is his friend despite the fact that she married Jim, Dwight’s worst enemy.


Dwight and Jim with Lloyd Gross

Jim and Dwight definitely have a complex relationship. They don’t get along very well at all. They have worked together for many years, and in those early years as a salesman, they were always getting on each other’s nerves. This is why Jim spent so much of his time pulling pranks on Dwight.

But, as time went on, they actually became something closer to friends. Dwight even asked Jim to be the best man at his wedding, but Jim declined so that Michael could be. Seeing these two become actual friends was definitely one of the most heartwarming moments on the show.

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