The Office: 25 Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Completely Change The Show

The Office tops many TV viewers' list of best... well, everything. Best onscreen relationship? For a lot of people, that's Jim and Pam. Or, alternatively, Michael Scott and Holly Flax. Best main character? Michael Scott is often considered the heart and soul of the show. Best writers room? Again, with BJ Novak and Mindy Kaling in tow, The Office frequently lands in the top spot of that list.

So, naturally, it just makes sense that basically every single behind-the-scenes photo taken of this iconic cast is completely heartwarming.

Even though they were well-loved by viewers, the characters featured throughout the series were often undeniably terrible people. They were selfish, awkward, and frequently made immoral choices that hurt those around them. It's kind of hard trying to imagine sitting next to them for eight hours at a time.

Fortunately, the actors behind these characters weren't like this at all. Much of the cast is still incredibly close years after the series' end. They built strong friendships that are evident in their joyful set photos.

The entire crew is constantly shown smiling and laughing in each other's presence. Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer's beautiful friendship is well documented, and Steve Carell's serious work ethic is on full display.

With that said, here are the 25 Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Completely Change The Office.

25 Michael Scott Takes This Very Seriously

Michael Scott didn't really seem to take anything very seriously. He faked a foot injury to get out of work and he was constantly putting off signing papers or check out the budget.

It's a wonder how the Scranton branch was ever able to get anything done, let alone become the most successful branch in the company.

While his onscreen character was portrayed as a self-centered but lovable goofball, so many who have worked with Steve Carell over the years swear that he is the nicest, most hard-working actor in the business.

24 Angela Gets Cozy

Angela Martin seemed prissy, prim, and proper. However, of course, we all know she had a secret wild side.

No matter how badly she wanted her co-workers to believe that she was uptight and professional, she was constantly getting into trouble after working hours.

According to those who worked with her, and according to Angela actress Angela Kinsey herself, though, the actress actually incredibly friendly and talkative in real life.

Kinsey's free spirit is on full display in this cast photo in which she gets cozy stretching across a sofa that's already populated with her castmates.

23 Game On

Kevin Malone wasn't the most unpopular employee in the Scranton office, but he wasn't the best-loved either.

He was kind of weird, kind of nosy, and might have been faking his stupidity in order to get out of working or in order to actually embezzle money from the branch, as some fan theories claim.

Kevin actor Brian Baumgartner was quite dear to his castmates, however.

Much of the crew reunited for his wedding after the series end. In the above adorable photo, Baumgartner and John Krasinski show their excitement over a public appearance in support of the show.

22 People Actually LIKED Toby Off-Screen

Nobody liked Toby-- at least on The Office (sort of), but not really in the spin-off Parks and Recreation, where the unpopular Jerry Gergich was secretly liked by America's sweetheart, Ben Wyatt.

Toby did not have a Ben Wyatt. The hate for Flenderson was so real that even fans partook in it.

When Winter Storm Toby hit earlier this year, fans of the show immediately took to blaming the character for ruining their winter fun.

It's nice to know the actual cast was much more friendly with Paul Lieberstein, the actor who portrayed him.

21 Jenna Fischer Wins A Baking Contest

Pam Beesly was a well-loved character, but her talents have often been divisive amongst viewers.

Some claim that she was unsuccessful as a saleswoman and as an artist, while others pointed to her mural and Scranton commercial as signs of artistic success.

However, Pam actress Jenna Fischer had an undeniable knack for baking.

Here she is dominating (aka winning) the cast bake-off and looking extremely happy and proud of her achievement.

Her castmates look quite pleased with the outcome, as well.

The actress put in an appearance on Angela Kinsey's baking show, helping to make cookies during a holiday segment.

20 Angela Gets Handsy With Pam’s Baby Bump

Pam's first pregnancy was actually the typical Hollywood pregnancy. Jenna Fischer used props to act as though she were pregnant, but she was not actually pregnant at the time.

When she did later become pregnant in real life, the writers simply gave Pam and Jim a second child. A storyline was written in at the same time that pitted Angela against Pam, turning their characters' respective pregnancies into a competition of sorts.

Actress Angela Kinsey herself hid a real-life pregnancy several seasons before her character's own (fictional) baby bump was revealed.

19 John Krasinski Tries His Hand At Directing

Actors directing an episode or two of their own TV series isn't unheard of. Matthew Gray Gubler stepped behind the camera for Criminal Minds and Bryan Cranston directed many episodes of Breaking Bad.

Even back in the day, Alan Alda lent his unique creative talents to M*A*S*H.

John Krasinski managed to turn his brief directorial career into a major success with his horror debut A Quiet Place starring him and his wife, Emily Blunt.

A sequel is already being talked about, so it looks like Krasinski won't be turning in his director badge any time soon.

18 Jenna Fischer Takes A Cat Nap

While her castmates have joked up about her "get up and go" attitude when revealing this photo of Jenna Fischer sneaking in a nap on the set of The Office, the actress herself was very honest about how much she hates early morning wake up calls.

Fischer admitted that she thought perhaps being a mom would help her grow more excited about waking up early.

Her logic was that she would need to be up early with the baby... so, why not get ready for the show, too?

It's a good thing that she got her sleep time in before her days became even busier.

17 The Nard Dog Was A Ham In Real Life, Too

Andy Bernard was not particularly well-liked by his co-workers. He struggled to control his temper. He was a huge ham who attempted to get attention from everyone around him.

He also loved to sing, though he his voice was somewhat questionable.

Not to mention all of his relationship drama between Dwight and Angela and Erin and Gabe.

The actor who played Andy, Ed Helm, was apparently a bit of a show-off, as well. Here he is stealing the show with his big smile and rocking guitar while his castmates simply smile and pose for the camera.

16 The Ladies Of The Office

Amy Adams is a bona fide A-list actress. However, she got her start with a long string of guest appearances on many beloved TV shows.

She showed up as a member of Tara's family in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and she even suffered from the worst luck on Charmed. She also dated Hyde on That '70s Show.

However, the guest star role that may be best loved and most remembered is likely her role as the attractive Katy who dated Jim and who made Pam jealous on The Office. 

Anything that gets between Pam and Jim isn't likely to be forgotten easily.

15 Oscar And Michael Recreate The Kiss

The infamous scene in which Michael Scott attempts to teach his employees tolerance by sort of forcing a kiss on his gay employee Oscar Martinez was not supposed to play out the way it did onscreen.

During filming, Steve Carell got the idea to actually kiss actor Oscar Nunez for real, which helped to create his awkward and uncomfortable reaction.

The cast crew loved the scene so much that it was kept in the final version of the show.

Here they recreate that famous moment, much to the delight of fellow The Office castmate, Creed Bratton.

14 Angela Shows Off Her Script

Most TV crews will go to great lengths to keep a script under wraps. Sometimes the actors have no idea what is going to happen before they show up to set. Other times, they are forced to film multiple endings in case a leak gets out.

Even actors auditioning to become a character in a major series are often given very fake lines to audition with.

Thankfully, when Angela Kinsey donated a bunch of old scripts to charity, the show was already off the air, so spoilers were not an issue.

13 Steve Carell Starts Off A Scene

When Steve Carell left The Office, it was a major blow to his cast and crew. Everyone loved him so much that many cried at the thought of him never coming back.

Oscar Nunez admitted to hiding in the warehouse in order to cry during Carell's final episode. Nunez felt that experience was even more emotional than the series finale.

Executive producer Greg Daniels had transitioned over to Parks and Recreation at the time, but he came back in order to write Carell's last episode, just like Michael Scott came back to attend Dwight and Angela's wedding.

12 Pam And Angela Show Off Their Sweatshirts

Pam Beesly and Angela Martin were not the best of friends. Despite Pam constantly trying to help Angela with her relationship issues with Dwight, Angela was often cold toward Pam.

However, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey have been extremely close ever since their time on The Office. 

Kinsey had these two sweatshirts made in honor of their characters.

The two actresses have been hanging out for years and love showing off their squad time on Instagram. These ladies have done everything from ice skating to baking to attend award shows together.

11 Jim Is Unfazed By Dwight’s Crazy Costume

You would think that with Dwight constantly showing up in insane costume and Michael Scott constantly just being insane, the cast of The Office would have had a very difficult time staying in character.

John Krasinski was not great at being serious during the show's sillier scenes. He couldn't stay in character at all while filming the "Dinner Party" episode.

Dwight Schrute actor Rainn Wilson revealed the telltale signs of an incoming Krasinski character break: the twinkle in his eye.

However, here, Krasinski barely even notices Dwight's incredibly distracting ensemble.

10 Jim And Pam IRL

Jim Halpert has come under fire recently for what many perceive to be a slew of negative traits. His pranking of Dwight, while once funny, is now sometimes considered to be abusive.

His proclamations of love for Pam, while once romantic, have begun to be seen as manipulative and out of line.

However, that's not at all how Kelly Kapoor actress and The Office writer Mindy Kaling sees the character. Kaling described Jim as being both "unrealistic and desirable," admitting that the character had affected her expectations for real romantic partners.

9 The Cast Just Laughing It Up

The fact that the cast was barely able to get through filming "The Dinner Party" is pretty infamous by now.

Everyone knows how much unforgettable fun the actors had while trying to get through that script, as well as how often they broke character in the process.

While the cast makes that episode sound like a unique experience, it certainly wasn't the only time that the actors were driven to laughter while working on the show.

Ed Helms admitted that he had to hide behind a plant to keep from laughing during the Santa scene between Kevin and Michael Scott.

8 Angela’s Dress Gets A Touch Up

Before the final episode of The Office in which Angela and Dwight get married, Steve Carell publicly noted that he would not be returning for the series' last season.

He said that he felt like he had taken Michael Scott as far as he could go and that the former branch manager had grown larger than the documentary emotionally.

Similarly, Jim led Dwight to believe that Michael Scott would not be in attendance for the ceremony.

The viewers must have felt just as surprised and relieved as Dwight did when Michael showed up.

7 The Golf Wars

Office life isn't very conducive to an active lifestyle, but the employees of Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch did all they could to stay active -- from running laps around the building to hosting the office Olympics.

So, it's not an odd fit to see the cast posing for a Puma Golf ad.

Here, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, BJ Novak, and Rainn Wilson slip into something sporty on the set of their iconic TV show.

At least one of the cast was a major golf fan -- Kevin actor Brian Baumgartner has a passion for the sport.

6 Katy And Pam Got Along In Real Life

Pam and Katy did not get along. Katy may have attempted to be friends with Pam, as she was bubbly and friendly overall, but Pam was jealous of Katy's relationship with Jim and Katy was a bit too oblivious to notice.

However, Amy Adams is actually best friends with John Krasinki's real-life wife Emily Blunt.

She had worked with both actors before they began dating, playing Jim's girlfriend on The Office and starring alongside Blunt in Sunshine Cleaning.

Adams admitted that she was incredibly excited to learn of their relationship, saying that she may have caught her friends off guard with her enthusiasm.

5 Angela Gets Her Hair Done

Angela Kinsey is much more personable and sweet than her onscreen counterpart. The actress has frequently said that she didn't actually have much in common with her prim and proper character.

However, there was one aspect of playing Angela Martin that Kinsey definitely enjoyed.

The actress praised the many elaborate up-dos that her character wore on the show. Her particular favorites included sweeping bangs and braided pieces.

Kinsey boasted that no hair pieces were used in the making of these hairstyles.

Here, she can be seen happily sitting for hair and makeup as Erin actress Ellie Kemper looks on.

4 That Time Bryan Cranston Directed An Episode

Bryan Cranston has secretly directed many episodes of TV shows. It's fairly common for actors to direct episodes for shows that they actually star in.

Cranston took the helm for seven episodes of Malcolm in the Middle and three episodes of Breaking Bad.

However, he also stepped behind the camera for a couple of series that he never actually performed in.

He has directed two episodes of the inclusive series, Modern Family and left his mark on The Office in the 2012 episode "Work Bus", in which the entire office goes in search of a pie.

3 Jim And Pam Being Adorable

Jim Halpert and Pam Beesly may go down as the most romantic couple in TV history, but actors John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer have a much more complicated relationship.

Fischer seems to constantly gush about her former co-star. She detailed the audition process for the show, in which they both proclaimed each other to be the best fit for their roles.

She described the first time Pam and Jim kissed as an intensely magical sounding moment.

She also made comments about how she and Krasinski were "genuinely in love" while filming.

Krasinski has often seemed uncomfortable with these proclamations. He responded to the "in love" comments by assuring the media they were taken "wildly out of context."

2 The Final Table Read

The table read for the final episode of The Office can actually be found online. It doesn't include Michael Scott's surprise appearance at Dwight and Angela's wedding, but it does reveal an elaborate prank that didn't make it into the final episode.

The prank consists of Jim and Pam training black cats to walk past Dwight's door. Scranton's security guard also pretended to be Dorpheus, brother to Morpheus, and a whole bunch of extras were to be employed to cement the effect.

However, the prank backfires. Dwight is happy marrying Angela and finally becoming the manager of the Scranton branch, deciding to remain in the Matrix.

1 When It Was All Over

The final episode of the show was an incredibly special one, according to Angela Kinsey.

Greg Daniels made sure that everyone felt included, both in the final scene and in the episode in general.

Kinsey revealed that Daniels brought each actor into his office and spoke with them about where they wanted their characters to end up.

Not all of those ideas were used in the episode, but some of them were actually added to the script.

Daniels also made sure the final scene filmed included everyone in the cast so that they could all be present in those final moments.


What do you think of these behind-the-scenes photos of The Office? Are there any others we need to see? Sound off in the comments!

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