The Office: 10 of the Worst Things Angela Has Ever Done

Angela Kinsey in The Office

The Office featured a colorful cast of characters who had questionable moral compasses. It was a notable aspect of the show that the characters were always doing weird, outrageous, and commonly unethical things.

Angela Martin was perhaps the most morally corrupt character in The Office. And ironically, a significant feature to Angela's character was her devotion to religion. She was judgemental toward everyone around her, while simultaneously being underhanded and immoral.

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Though probably the most nefarious character in the series, Angela Martin was unforgettable. She's done her share of horrible things, but fans love her anyway. Let's explore 10 of the worst things Angela has ever done.

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For someone who prides herself on being a pure Christian, Angela certainly has had her share of rather "ungodly" moments. Her adultery is just one of many examples.

On multiple different occasions, Angela was unfaithful to her significant others. After her long term "secret" relationship with Dwight ended with him killing her cat, Angela started a romance with Andy. This was purely to make Dwight jealous, as Angela and Andy were never compatible. Through their relationship, Angela treats Andy horribly, and to make it worse, she and Dwight never show any amount of remorse for their affair.


As mentioned above, Angela's entire marriage to Andy was a scheme to make Dwight mad and jealous. Through their whole relationship, Angela never conveyed that she cared for Andy in the slightest, let alone loved him enough to marry him. But when Andy impulsively proposed to Angela in the season 4 episode, "Goodbye, Toby", she says yes.

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Andy then proceeds to plan an extravagant wedding, while Angela remains unenthusiastic about the whole thing, all the while maintaining her affair with Dwight. The humiliation doesn't end there for Andy. In fact, the entire Dunder Mifflin crew finds out about the affair before Andy, making for one of the most cringeworthy (but still hilarious) Office episodes, "Moroccan Christmas". In this episode, everyone but Andy knows about the affair, making the moment where Andy decides to serenade Angela extremely awkward, with everyone watching, appalled.


Angela is judgemental to virtually everyone but herself. She constantly belittles the people she works with, to the point of superlative hypocrisy. Angela's holier-than-thou attitude serves for some good comedy, but she's definitely portrayed as someone who would be extremely difficult to work with.

Angela was also part of the Party Planning Committee with Phyllis and Pam. This committee was of course, the brainchild of Michael Scott, and no one but him really wanted it. But Angela made it all worse, constantly causing drama with her fellow party planners.


Early on in The Office, it was revealed that Oscar was gay. Though everyone was homophobic toward him, Angela was the worst. She, of course, justified her behavior by her religion - always glaring at Oscar or saying hurtful things to him after he came out.

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Angela and everyone else's bullying became so severe that Oscar almost quit his job. The only thing that stopped him was the compensation that Corporate offered him to make up for his coworkers' unprofessional behavior. Though Angela and Oscar become close friends by the end of the series, Angela's  homophobia, in the beginning, is a very unlikable trait.


Yes, Kevin's personality was certainly the target for comedy throughout The Office. From his bumbling personality and outrageous one-liners, he was a hilarious character.

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He was picked on by many of his coworkers, but Angela took an intense disliking to him. The two (along with Oscar) worked in the accounting department of Dunder Mifflin, so they shared close quarters. This meant that the three accountants got on each other's nerves a lot - which even spawned enough entertainment for a web series. But as incompetent as Kevin Malone was, and though his dynamic with Angela was often very funny, he did not deserve Angela's constant berating.


Angela's disregard for the safety and well-being of others knew no limits. When Andy found out about her affair with Dwight, Angela encouraged the two men to fight over her. She didn't seem to care if either got hurt, she just wanted to be fought over. When Pam asked Angela to put a stop to this, Angela simply said she'd respect the results of the duel.

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This only leads to Andy crushing Dwight against a bush with his car and the two men yelling ridiculous insults at each other while Jim watches them, unamused. Finally, both of them decide the end things with Angela, and this becomes the start of Andy and Dwight's friendship.


Angela's cat obsession was always a hilarious aspect of her character. But in the season 5 episode, "Lecture Circuit", this obsession is taken to a whole new weird level.

Angela shows Oscar and Kevin that she has a webcam at her house so that she can keep a constant eye on her (many) cats. This is strange but humorous, and then Angela decides to go home to check on her cats. The Dunder Mifflin workers watch in horror on the webcam as Angela steps into her house, and shortly after, begins licking one of her cats. This was one of the most outrageous but all the same hilarious moments on The Office.


Going against her religious values once again, Angela was most definitely not a candidate for the "Best Mom" Dundie.

When she gave birth to her son, Philip, in season 8, she was married to Robert Lipton the state senator. This marriage did not last long, as both partners cheated on each other (Angela with Dwight and Robert with Oscar). Soon, Angela was a single mother. The living conditions she provided for her son were inappropriate, considering she surrounded Philip with her collection of cats. The fact that Angela could not put her obsession aside in favor of her son, was just very typical of the character.


Angela was mean to everyone in the office, but Pam was different because of their on and off "friendship". Angela was only Pam's friend when it suited Angela. When she wanted to talk about her own problems and such, she'd confide in Pam. But Angela insulted Pam on countless occasions, both to her face and talking to the cameras behind her back.

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The two certainly had an interesting and often humorous dynamic, with their several fights and exchanged insults. They were always entertaining to watch, but while Pam attempted to be Angela's friend multiple times, Angela never really returned the favor.


Of all the things Angela has shamelessly lied about in the series, telling Dwight that he wasn't the father of his own child was probably the biggest one. Dwight insisted all along that he was Philip's father, but Angela lied to him on every occasion.

It was only when Dwight and Angela became engaged that she finally revealed to him that he was indeed the father of her child. This means that most likely, if they had not gotten engaged, Angela wouldn't have revealed her son's paternity. Keeping that secret from Dwight and keeping his son from him was certainly an immoral move on Angela's part.

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