The Office: 5 Times Angela And Dwight Were The Best Couple (& 5 Times They Were The Worst)

The Office was home to a lot of iconic pairings during it's run, but Dwight and Angela's relationship was one of the wildest, for better and worse.

When you think of The Office and some of the most iconic couples to come out of the series, it's impossible to not include Dwight and Angela in that list. They may have kept their office romance under wraps for a good portion of the series, but the love they had for each other had some serious highs throughout their relationships.

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But on the other side of that coin, there were some pretty severe lows as well. There were times the unlikely couple were incredibly romantic, and other times where their cold demeanors reared their ugly heads with one another. So let's dissect the 5 times they were the best couple, and the 5 times they were the worst.

10 Best: When Dwight Got Fired For Angela

Back in season 3 of The Office, when Dwight and Angela's relationship was still very much a secret, Dwight did something incredibly selfless for Angela. She had forgotten to send an important document in time, so Dwight was late to work so he could drive to corporate in New York to turn it in for her.

But their boss, the ever temperamental Michael Scott, thought Dwight was going over his head again and fired him on the spot when Dwight couldn't give him a good reason for being there.Dwight kept quiet to spare Angela because he knew she wasn't ready for everyone to know about them. It was a really sweet gesture.

9 Worst: When Dwight Killed Sprinkles, Angela’s Cat

Up until the start of season 4, Dwight and Angela had a really solid, albeit odd, relationship. They didn't seem to have a lot of outward obstacles getting in the way of their love. That is, until Angela asked Dwight to look after Sprinkles, her cat, one afternoon.

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Sprinkles had a lot of health issues that required a lot of treatments, so she asked Dwight to take care of these treatments for her. Instead, Dwight went over to her house and put her out of her misery, at least, according to him. He said it was because he was a farmer and that's how they operate. But it was not his decision to make and completely devastated Angela, which ultimately led to them breaking up.

8 Best: Dwight Comforting Angela At Her Christmas Party

One of Angela's main roles in the office -- other than being the head of accounting -- was being the lead of the party planning committee. She handled every party that they had in the office, but in season 3, things changed a bit for her.

Karen and Pam decided to throw a separate Christmas party in the office when Angela wouldn't take any of their ideas, starting a bit of an office war between the two parties. Everyone ended up liking the opposing party more, thoroughly upsetting Angela.

So when Dwight got back from his lunch with the guys at Benihana, he stood by her side and quietly comforted her, even holding her hand despite the risks of people finding out about them.

7 Worst: Their Baby Contract

While they were broken up, Dwight suddenly decided he wanted a child. Partly because he felt something was missing in his life, but also partly because Jim and Pam were using their baby to help with their sales and he wanted in on the action.

So he approached Angela about it and she readily agreed to the deal. They wrote up a literal contract about the making of their baby to set rules and regulations for it, which honestly seemed a bit overboard, even for them.

After their romantic history, this was a bad idea from the start, and one of them should have recognized that before diving head first into it.

6 Best: Angela’s Valentine’s Day Gift To Dwight

During the first Valentine's Day Dwight and Angela celebrated together, Angela surprised Dwight with a wonderful surprise gift that he was ecstatic to receive. It was a bobblehead... of himself. This became a huge hit on both the show and in The Office's real life merchandise after the fact, with many fans wanting their own Dwight bobblehead.

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But on the show, Dwight was thrilled with his gift and told Angela so when he saw her around the office. Of course, this led him to think about what he wanted to get her that would symbolize his feelings for her, which he did eventually do...with the help from a friend.

5 Worst: When They Had An Affair Behind Andy’s Back

After Dwight and Angela called it quits in season 4, Angela began dating Andy Bernard shortly after. It hurt Dwight that she would publicly date another co-worker so soon after their relationship's demise.

But not long after Andy and Angela became an item, Dwight and Angela started up an affair of their own... behind Andy's back. It was unknown to Andy or the rest of the office what was occurring between them for a long time, which was incredibly unfair and wrong for Andy.

It was the lowest point in the Dwight and Angela relationship, if you ask us.

4 Best: Dwight’s Subtle Gesture For Angela

On the same Valentine's Day that Angela gifted Dwight with a bobblehead that looked exactly like himself, he started panicking that he had not gotten a gift for her. He assumed that she wasn't the Valentine's Day type and she had no intention of celebrating the holiday.

But since he was wrong, he went to his sort-of-friend Pam for advice on the matter, without revealing who his girlfriend was. With her help, he realized it was more about the symbolic nature of his gesture than the gift itself. So he gave her a key to his place, showing his love for her and his commitment to their relationship.

3 Worst: Angela Not Giving In To Dwight’s Ultimatum

During the affair that took place between Dwight and Angela while she was with Andy, only one person was actually aware of it other than them. That person was Phyllis, their co-worker, who had walked in on them months before.

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So when Dwight was struggling with seeing Angela publicly date Andy while she kept him a dirty little secret, he went to Phyllis for advice. She told him to give her an ultimatum, because it wasn't fair to him anymore. He did just that, and Angela refused to decide once and for all who she wants to be with.

It was yet another low point for the once promising couple.

2 Best: Their Wedding

After so many years of the back and forth in their on-again/off-again relationship with one another, they finally took the pivotal step in their relationship and got hitched in the final season.

It was a wild and bumpy road to get to that point, but even through the lows of their relationship it was obvious that they were always meant to be together.

So when the finale came around and we finally got to see the two sticklers of the office finally getting married with all of their co-workers surrounding them, it was the perfect send-off for them, and for the series as a whole.

1 Worst: Dwight Choosing Isabel Over Angela

Isabel and Dwight began hooking up at Pam and Jim's wedding. A cousin of Pam's, Isabel was in the wedding party and had become infatuated with Dwight during the wedding weekend.

Initially he had snubbed her after their night together, but when he saw her again back in Scranton, he became very interested in her again and started questioning his decision to draw up a baby contract with Angela.

While the contract was definitely a poorly made decision on both of their parts, it was incredibly wrong of Dwight to reject Angela in such an immature and rude way, just so he could be with another woman.

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