The Office: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind (& 5 They Rejected)

The Office fans love Jim and Pam as a couple, but what about the other relationships on the show? So, here are 5 couples we love and then 5 we reject.

The Office became one of the biggest American sitcoms the world has ever seen when it first came out in 2005. Focusing on your average American workplace and the relationship between the co-workers and their hilariously awkward boss, it became a staple for viewers to watch each and every week.

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Even now, we are always rewatching our favorite episodes from the series, and part of what made it so great was the relationships that were built at the center of this show. Seeing the office romances made audiences with the hardest exteriors swoon. On the other side of the coin, though, were the relationships that we wish had never happened in the first place. As fans of The Office, there were definitely couples we could get behind, and those that we just could not…

10 Fans Were Behind: Pam And Jim

Jim and Pam were the quintessential will-they-or-won't-they couple in the early days of The Office. It wasn't until the season 3 finale that the two became as official as it could get, but there were certainly obstacles they had to overcome to even get to that point.

Once they committed to each other, though, it was a beautiful courtship we got to see evolve over the course of the series. They went from friends to being in a relationship, to an engagement to finally getting married and having children and it was all so perfect for the office sweethearts. We couldn't have asked for a better ending for them than the family and love they shared together.

9 Fans Rejected: Pam And Roy

Long before Pam realized her true feelings for her best friend in the office -- Jim -- she was engaged for a whopping 3 years to Roy, a worker in the warehouse at Dunder Mifflin.

The two had a tumultuous relationship and it was obvious that what was truly getting in the way of their relationship was equal parts Roy's lack of care and Pam's love for Jim.

Fans were constantly hoping they would break up so Pam and Jim could finally be together, once and for all. But it wasn't until the end of season 3 that they were completely and totally done.

8 Fans Were Behind: Phyllis And Bob Vance

Phyllis Lapin was the matronly, quiet saleswoman at Dunder Mifflin. But when she started seeing Bob Vance -- of Vance Refrigeration -- a different side to her started to come out.

With little quips here and there you would see she could be a bit wild and fun and that her love for Bob was as pure as can be. Bob felt just as strongly for Phyllis and there was never a moment that showcased that more than at the auction the office had in season 5.

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While raising money to replace items stolen on the premises, Phyllis was auctioning off a hug. Bob ended up in a bidding war with Dwight of all people and ended up with a final bid of $1,000, winning that hug from his beloved wife. It was honestly adorable.

7 Fans Rejected: Jim And Karen

At the start of season 3, after Pam initially told Jim she was going to marry Roy anyway in spite of her feelings for him, we learned that she ended up calling the wedding off. This gave us Jim and Pam shippers hope that the two would finally work things out.

But then entered Karen, Jim's new co-worker at the Stamford branch. She became a love interest for Jim and the two dated all throughout season 3. All that hope we had was lost, at least temporarily, which made it difficult for us to like Karen, let alone want her to be with Jim.

They ended things in the season 3 finale, though, when Jim decided Pam was the one for him.

6 Fans Were Behind: Michael And Holly

Michael Scott had a long list of exes that just didn't work out for him either by fault of their's or his own. The thing about Michael is he  has a very unique personality that makes it difficult for a lot of people to mesh with, let alone potential love interests.

But when he met Holly, the new HR rep, he fell in love at first sight with her. It seemed like the feeling might have been mutual, too, the moment she responded to his Yoda impression with one of her own.

It was kismet and even though they broke up for a time, eventually they found their way back to each other, which made fans everywhere rejoice.

5 Fans Rejected: Andy And Angela

Andy Bernard was a bit of an outcast at the Scranton branch for a bit. Partially because he was the only remaining employee who had transferred from the Stamford branch, but also because he clearly had anger issues.

But when he started dating Angela, we started to see a sweeter, more romantic and idealistic side of Andy. The problem was, Angela was the total opposite. Oh and she was still sleeping with Dwight the entire time she was with Andy.

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It made it more than difficult to root for them and we just kept hoping each week that Andy would find out and finally call of his wedding to her. Luckily the happened before the impending nuptials could actually happen.

4 Fans Were Behind: Dwight And Angela

Dwight and Angela were opposites in a lot of ways, but yet were totally perfect for each other. They were both old-fashioned, had sometimes cold demeanors, yet were completely infatuated with each other.

They even both agreed to keep their relationship a secret for a long time, fearing their co-workers would treat them differently if they shared that personal information with them.

Even though they were on-again/off-again throughout the show's nine-season run, they did eventually end up together once and for all by the series finale. We couldn't have seen a better match for either of these two weirdos, to be completely honest.

3 Fans Rejected: Michael And Donna

Michael Scott was a lot of things: wildly inappropriate, delusional, incredibly funny, and totally irresponsible. But one thing we never could have imagined him being was an adulterer. That was, until season six, when he started seeing a woman named Donna.

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At first, he wasn't aware she was married. But when Pam found out and told him the truth about his new girlfriend, that still didn't stop him from seeing her. The entire office expressed their disdain for the situation, but it took a lot for him to realize what he was doing was wrong and hurting her husband.

It's easy to see why fans were not a fan of this storyline or relationship for Michael.

2 Fans Were Behind: Kelly And Ryan

Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard started seeing each other way back when in season 2 of the show. Ryan only wanted to hook up with her, but had done so on Valentine's Day. Of course, Kelly figured this meant they were together now, and thus began their off-the-rails courtship.

Ryan constantly cheated on her and Kelly constantly lied to him about important things -- like being pregnant -- yet fans couldn't help but love seeing them together. Maybe it's because they were entertaining to watch or maybe it's because we all felt like they kind of deserved each other, but either way, we couldn't imagine them with anyone else.

1 Fans Rejected: Erin And Gabe

Erin was the adorably quirky receptionist that took over when Pam became a salesman. She was cute and funny yet very weird when she wanted to be, so it made sense when Andy took an interest in her.

Unfortunately, he didn't tell her about his previous engagement to Angela when they started dating, which made her feel like she couldn't trust him. So, Gabe swooped in and began dating her, instead.

Gabe is such an awkward individual and their chemistry felt lackluster because of it. We couldn't wait for them to breakup and when they finally did, Erin was much better off.

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