Hugh Jackman May Headline 'The Odyssey' By 'Mockingjay' Director

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In April, the news emerged that Lionsgate plans to bring Homer's ancient poem The Odyssey to the big screen. Francis Lawrence, who directed the second, third, and fourth films of the studio's massively successful Hunger Games franchise has been attached to the project from the beginning.

Keeping it within the Hunger Games family, The Odyssey also has producer Nina Jacobson onboard, through her Color Force producing banner. Meanwhile, Mockingjay Part 1 & 2 co-screenwriter Peter Craig is reportedly working on the film's script.

The Odyssey's newest development is that Academy Award-nominated actor Hugh Jackman is currently in talks to play the lead role of Odysseus. While there is no deal in place yet, The Wrap reports that Jackman has had multiple talks with the filmmaking team. In fact, a representative for the actor told the outlet, “this is a conversation at this point. Very early stages and nothing is confirmed.” 

Homer's epic poem follows the character of Odysseus over ten years as he tries to return home to his wife Penelope in Ithaca, following the fall of Troy. During that time, he has run-ins with gods and monsters, while his wife tries to hold off suitors at home.

The Odyssey

Jackman as Odysseus is a solid choice. The role would certainly add to his resume of playing strong characters within an epic setting - and this after finally finishing his lengthy run as Wolverine. We already know he can lead his own franchise, and his Oscar-nominated role in Les Misérables demonstrates his ability to play a wide range of roles. Les Mis even sees him age on-screen, as we presumably would over the ten-year span of The Odyssey.

Though Jackman may not be who everyone pictured in the role, his potential casting would certainly create some buzz around the project. In fact, adapting classic texts may be the new film du jour, as Warner Bros. recently announced plans for a project based on Dante's Inferno. If epic films based on epic poems is indeed where Hollywood is headed, getting big-name stars like Jackman locked down is just good form.

We'll bring you more information on The Odyssey when we have in. Meanwhile, Jackman next appears in Joe Wright’s Pan as the pirate Blackbeard on October 9th. The final Wolverine film opens in theaters March 3, 2017.

Source: The Wrap

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