8 Things We Learned From The OA Season 2 Trailer

Kingsley Ben-Adir and Brit Marling in The OA Part II Netflix

When The OA was first released back in 2016, Brit Marling the creator, executive producer, and star of the series introduced to a world filled with uncertainty. Why does this missing girl suddenly have her eyesight back? Where has she been all of this time? What the hell is she talking about? And last but not least, is any of this real? All completely valid questions that the first season eventually gets around to answering. Kinda.

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Since then, fans have simply been left to wonder just what the hell the conclusion of the first season meant and what it would lead to, if anything. Now that we’ve had our first look at the season two trailer, let’s break down what we’ve learned.

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Brit Marling as Prairie Walker in The OA final shot
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8 OA Made The Jump

Brit Marling as Prairie Walker in The OA final shot

For much of the first season, OA, or Prairie, as her adoptive parents like to call her, is searching for something. A tunnel. A road. Something. Some way to get back what and who she has lost. She tells BBA and the boys that she needs more people to make the jump, which is why she collected them, connects with them, and ultimately teaches them the movements necessary to make a jump across realities.

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For much of the first season, the viewers are just as skeptical about OA’s story as the group she gathers around herself. Even as the first season concludes, the audience is left to wonder if anything she said was real or just a way of dealing with trauma. If the season 2 trailer has taught us anything, it’s that OA was telling the truth. It was real.

7 And So Did The Group She Left Behind

Emory Cohen is Homer as French in The OA

Another thing that the season 2 trailer confirms is that Hap and the original members of OA’s group actually managed to make the jump themselves and are currently living an alternate version of their lives. Now, whether OA, HAP, and the rest of the original group have managed to jump into the same reality is a completely different question. What we do know is that Homer, HAP, and the rest of the original group all seem to be living freely in these new lives, no longer captives of a madman trying to unlock the secrets of the universe.

HAP may not be out of their lives entirely, but it certainly looks as those the original group is in a much better state since OA saw them last.

6 Season 2 Will Explore Multiple Realities

The OA Dead Theory Khatun

Now that we have confirmation that OA was, in fact, telling the truth about everything we have confirmation of another exciting fact: OA part 2 will explore multiple realities.

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It’s hard to say how many realities the show will encompass when it makes it’s return, but we have to assume it’s at least two, possibly three or more. There’s the reality that OA left behind (with BBA, the boys, and her adoptive parents), the world she’s in (which appears to be a version of reality where she wasn’t on the bus when it crashed, but we’ll get to that), and there’s the possibility that HAP and the others are in a third and separate reality from the previously mentioned realities.

5 New Characters Will Be Introduced

Kingsley Ben-Adir and Brit Marling in The OA Part II Netflix

This one is a little less exciting as it’s to be expected of any series returning for a second season, but that doesn’t mean we aren't excited to explore what the people of these new realities are like. We know that OA will join a detective from her new reality who is searching for a boy. What we don't know is how OA gets involved with this man in the first place and what brings him to her.

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From what little information we can gather from the trailer, it does appear that they will be spending a significant portion of the sophomore season together, but beyond that is anyone’s guess.

4 Some Familiar Character(s) May Be Lost

Brit Marling Prairie Johnson in The OA Season 1

Speaking of that boy this new detective is looking for, it appears as though OA may know exactly who this boy is. While she is, in fact, stranded for the moment in an alternate reality, it’s possible that we may meet some alternate versions of characters we’ve met before. Or we’ll join OA on the search for him/them, at least. We know that OA has met the missing boy, or at least some version of him, in Michigan where the first season takes place, so we can assume it’s a character we are familiar with. But what’s behind the mystery of this missing boy? Is there any connection to the missing people, similar to OA, that we met in the first season? Is this an alternate version of HAP on the prowl? We’ll just have to wait and see.

3 OA Will Explore A Timeline Where She Wasn’t On The Bus When It Crashed

The OA Space Scenes Death

Okay, so, one the key details that can be pulled from the trailer is a scene where we watch as OA write on a wall, splitting two timelines apart and trying to figure out just where in the multiverse she is. The chart begins with the bus crash, which as fans of the first season know is where OA’s life really began to change for the worse. In one reality, she rides the bus, it crashes, leading to her being blinded, sent away from her father, neglected, eventually adopted, only to later be kidnapped by HAP and used for his experiments.

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But what happens if she never got on the bus that day? How much do things change? Who’s to say? What we do is that if she doesn’t get on the bus she has three words written under that timeline, “Paris, Papa, College”.

2 BBA & The Boys Will Return

One of the first things the season two trailer confirms is that Prairie isn’t in Michigan anymore. She’s left that reality behind and now she needs to finally start down her quest to find the others and hopefully save them from whatever awful events may have befallen them. But what about the group she left behind?

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Their lives have, without a doubt, been changed forever. Not just because of the school shooting they helped stop at the end of the first season, but simply by OA’s presence in their lives. Where will they go now that they don’t have her to guide them? How much have they really changed?

1 The OA Returns This Month!

The last, and perhaps, the most important thing we learned from the trailer is just when exactly we can finally get our eyeballs on the new season. People who have been fans of the series since it first began have been waiting for nearly two years for part two to be released.

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Now that we know the second season will be arriving on screens on March 22nd of 2019, that gives old and new viewers plenty of time to binge the first eight episodes before season two begins. It’s even enough time for new fans to binge the series through twice just to make sure they didn’t miss a thing.

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