The OA: 10 Questions We Need Answered In Season 2

The OA took Netflix by storm back in 2016 when the first season aired. People seemed to either love it or hate it, but regardless, it felt like everyone was talking about it. The show was just so mysterious and inexplicable to anyone who hadn’t seen it. But it’s been a while since we’ve seen those iconic movements and we were starting to wonder if we’d ever see a season 2.

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But with the recent drop of the trailer for season 2, we finally know that on March 22, we can finally dive back into the utter weirdness of this who. The end of season 1 left us with a lot of questions and while we know season 2 will bring on more, we’re hoping to get at least some answers. Here is the list of our top 10 questions we need answered in season 2.

10 Is OA actually the original angel?

Possibly the biggest question that any fan has is whether the protagonist is actually the OA. There have been a lot of theories about what exactly happened at the end of the series and whether any of OA’s story is even true. We get the sense that a lot of it is true with the release of the season 2 trailer. After all, it appears that OA has actually managed to travel to a different dimension, but what makes her the OG of angels?

The trailer doesn’t drop any hints about whether we’ll get an answer, but we’re hoping for at least a hint. Maybe we can even see a few more angels.

9 What exactly are “The Movements?"

Throughout the first season, we see OA and Hap’s other captives doing their best to learn “The Movements.” OA then teaches these movements to the boys and BBA in the present. Other than how OA learned the dance and the fact that it has the power to heal, we don’t actually know very much about it. The captives learn each movement from when they’re on the other side after Hap kills them, but what does it all mean?

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We’re hoping to get something of an origin story for these movements in season 2. The dance is so iconic in the series that there has to be more to it than what we already know.

8 Who was the school shooter?

Mysterious school shooter in The OA

In the last episode, there is a school shooting in which the boys and BBA (played by The Office’s Phyllis Smith) perform “The Movements” out of desperation. This confuses the shooter (along with everyone else) and it ultimately ends in Prairie/OA getting shot. But through all of this, we never actually see the shooter’s face.

It’s possible that the identity isn’t important, but we have a feeling it is. The show is far too nuanced and detailed for it to just be a stranger. We don’t get too much in terms of features, so we’re hoping to get a better answer once season 2 rolls. Maybe it’ll even be a fellow dimension traveler.

7 What dimension did OA land herself in?

In the very beginning of the season 2 trailer, OA wakes up in what we can assume is a hospital. The nurse is asking her questions and everything seems normal until she replies that Barack Obama is the president (this is still 2016). The nurse is confused and replies, “Who?” Then we see that it appears that OA isn’t recovering from a gunshot wound and her dimension travel was a success.

That begs the question: what dimension did she end up in? It appears to be almost exactly the same as the one OA existed in previously, so what’s so different about this one?

6 What happened to the boys and BBA?

While the OA apparently traveled to a different dimension, the others are left behind as far as we know. So what exactly happens to them? We see from the trailer that they’ll still be a part of season 2, but we don’t get much in the sense of what role they will be playing.

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The description of season 2 gives us a little bit more to go on. It says that “BBA, Angie, and the boys find themselves on a journey to understand the truth behind OA’s story and the incredible realities she described.” So it looks like they’ll be digging into everything OA told them. We’re interested to see how much of it was actually true.

5 What happened to Hap and the others?

Jason Isaacs in The OA

Another group we’re curious about is Hap and the other captives. In season 1, all we know is that Hap dumps OA on the side of the road and drives off. We never find out if the rest were able to escape or if Hap continued with his experiments.

The trailer lets us know that Hap is with the captives still, but then we see another dimension version of Hap. So did they figure out the secrets to “The Movements” as well? Do Hap and the captives also travel to another dimension? Or do they end up in the same dimension as OA? We’re looking forward to finding out.

4 So where did FBI psychologist Rahim go off to?

One character who was noticeably missing from the season 2 trailer was Riz Ahmed’s Agent Rahim. For those who don’t remember him, he was the FBI psychologist with whom OA was speaking to throughout the first season. We get the sense that he’s onto something, and then he’s inexplicably in OA’s house when French breaks in. Why was he there?

We never get that answer, but we’re hoping that season 2 will shed some light on what exactly Agent Rahim knows and how much he believes. Or maybe he knows far more than he lets on.

3 What does Karim want with OA?

Season 2 will see the introduction of a new character, a private detective named Karim Washington. We know that he and OA will join forces, but we want to know what exactly leads him to her? After all, we can assume that she meets him when she’s in the second dimension, so what exactly is going on?

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From the description, we know that Karim is looking for a teenager named Michelle Vu. Then, in the trailer, OA sees what we assume is her photo and says that it reminds her of a boy she knew in Michigan. Which boy? And why does Michelle remind her of him?

2 What is going on with that wild house?

A big part of the season 2 trailer seems to be about some sort of mystery house. In the trailer, Karim says that “everyone who goes inside this house either comes out cracked up or doesn’t come out at all.” Does that house have something to do with the alternate dimensions? Is it connected with the angels in some way?

We get the sense that the house is going to play a very large role in season 2. The trailer definitely builds up the mystery around it, so we’re eager to see what exactly is going on inside it.

1 What’s going on with French and Homer?

This is probably a more nuanced question that may not even end up being important, but we’re curious. At one point in the series, French looks at himself in the mirror and he sees Homer. He also ends up getting a scar on his head that is eerily similar to one that Homer gets. Are these two people connected in some way?

There was the theory that OA just used the scar in her story about Homer because everything she said is a lie. But if it wasn’t all a lie, then does this mean something? Is this more crazy dimension travel stuff? Is French somehow also Homer? It sounds crazy, but in a show like The OA, it feels like nothing is too out there.

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