'The November Man' Trailer: Can't Hide From Pierce Brosnan

Prepare to dust off some cobwebs in your head-space, because Relativity is taking us on a trip down memory lane: after several years' worth of radio silence, the studio has released the first trailer for spy-thriller The November Man, a film last spoken of in 2012. Better late than never, maybe, but if the project found its way onto your radar at all back when it began germinating, the delay between then and now might strike you as something akin to "jarring" or perhaps "head-scratching."

What gives? It's hard to say. Originally, The November Man had erstwhile James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan set as one of its two male leads, with Dominic Cooper, the once and future Howard Stark, billed to play the film's heavy. In between now and then, Cooper has busied himself with work ranging from more boilerplate fare (revenge yarn Dead Man Down), to his aforementioned intermittent stints in the burgeoning Marvel cinematic universe (which, incidentally, he may make a return appearance in).

Recently, the debonair Englishman took a job crashing cars in Need For Speed alongside Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul, which may have been the straw the broke the camel's back so far as it concerned his involvement in The November Man. So, we've lost a Cooper and in exchange gained a Luke Bracey, best known (if at all) for replacing Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Cobra Commander in last year's 2 hour toy advertisement, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, though he's also playing the Keanu Reeves role in next year's Point Break remake. (There's a pattern surfacing here.)

And so here we are, with Brosnan squaring off against his young co-star in a cat-and-mouse tete-a-tete; it's Spy Vs Spy, but with heavier firepower. Is the swap for better or worse? Cooper's an energetic performer with charisma to spare, while Bracey is untested by comparison. But that feels kind of appropriate given The November Man's tone; it's about an ex-CIA operative (Brosnan) coming back into the fold to foil his young trainee (Bracey) from carrying out a vaguely-sketched plot involving both US and Russian government officials.

Maybe there's some meat on those bones given the current state of affairs between both countries. At the very least the relationship between veteran and newbie is in play given Brosnan's career tenure and Bracey's unproven status. Could be that the duo make for an interesting screen pairing as stuff blows up and Oblivion's Olga Kurylenko alternates between giving Brosnan bedroom eyes and smashing people in the face with shovels.

If nothing else, Brosnan will get to join the exclusive "cool guy who casually walks away from an explosion" club - along with the "60 and over badass" group that such fine folk as Liam Neeson belong to - and return to the genre that he's perhaps best-known for. We'll see if The November Man delivers more beyond slickly-filmed mayhem this August.


The November Man hits theaters on August 27th, 2014.

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