The New Pope Teaser Trailer: John Malkovich Is Definitely In The Vatican

Jude Law and John Malkcovich in The New Pope HBO

The first teaser trailer for The New Pope delivers more insight into Paolo Sorrentino’s follow-up to his acclaimed series The Young Pope, which saw Jude Law as the first American pope in history. A co-production among Sky, HBO, and Canal+, the original series premiered in 2016, surviving an onslaught of jokes regarding its title and seemingly salacious intent in depicting a young, very good looking man positioned not only in the highest seat of authority in the Catholic Church, but also as the ostensible face of the institution. 

The series quickly proved most naysayers wrong, as Sorrentino delivered a sumptuously filmed series that was equal parts satire and riveting drama. Additionally, Law delivered one of the best performances of his career as the not-so subtlety subversive Lenny Belardo, whose surprisingly conservative views on Christianity and the way in which the Church should conduct itself became the central conflict of the series. In addition, Sorrentino managed to weave in a fascinating account of Lenny’s backstory, one that included Diane Keaton as Sister Mary, the woman who raised him. In all, The Young Pope became one of the best shows of 2016, and one that was disturbingly overlooked for some of the bigger awards at the Emmys. 

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Nevertheless, Sorrentino and Law are headed back to the Vatican in the first teaser trailer for The New Pope, which introduces John Malkovich’s Giovanni Paolo III, the man who will seemingly be Lenny’s successor to the papacy. Though the teaser doesn’t feature any dialogue or much in the way of actual footage from the season, it does deliver the shot of a Law walking along the beach in a white speedo that set the internet on fire not too long ago. Check out the teaser trailer for The New Pope below: 

Fresh off his stint on Showtime’s Billions and as Hercule Poirot in Amazon’s The ABC Murders, Malkovich may be taking on a sizable role in the new series, but he isn’t the only big name joining The New Pope. Law and Malkovich will also be joined by Sharon Stone and, of all people, Marylin Manson as the series apparently plans to mix things up quite a bit when it finally premieres later this year. 

If anything, the teaser trailer indicates that Sorrentino’s series hasn’t lost its irreverent tone, as Law’s slow-motion walk breaks the fourth wall in much the same way the opening credits to The Young Pope did. And it manages to do so while demonstrating the effect Law’s barely clothed physique has on viewers and thinly veiled religious iconography alike. 

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The New Pope is expected on HBO in 2019.

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