The New Dark Knight Trailer Is Here!

On Friday I had the chance to watch the six minute Dark Knight preview but not the new trailer for the movie. Although the preview was fantastic, I'd also heard that the second (and first full length) trailer for The Dark Knight is great as well.

I didn't post the bootlegged and cruddy looking trailer that's been circulating for a couple of days because not only was it lousy looking, but I don't support people sneaking into movie theaters with camcorders. I've been hearing that the official trailer will premiere at one of the Dark Knight viral sites called "A Taste For The Theatrical."

Well that's all irrelevant because the official trailer is finally online at the site and you can watch it below right now!

Now that you've seen it, what do you think? Are you more excited about the movie? Less? What about Heath Ledger as the Joker?

I'll tell you what I think:


This movie is SO going to rock.... the only possible negative I can see is that Heath Ledger as the Joker is going to utterly and completely overshadow Christian Bale as Batman.

For much larger versions of the trailer you can visit this viral site: for The Dark Knight.

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