The Munsters remake: Another nail in the coffin


The Wayans brothers are going to be helming a remake of the beloved 60's TV show "The Munsters". According to the report, the movie "will stay true to the original characters, but will place them in a contemporary setting."

"True to the original characters".... right.

Here's my prediction:

- It will of course be PG and not G rated due to some "adult humour".

- There will be double entendres and other borderline sexually related dialogue and revealing outfits for Marilyn and and Lily.

- Lots of low brow humor.

- I will not be taking my daughter to see it.

I'm sure the studio behind the live action Scooby-Doo movies thought that those were "true to the original" as well. I think my daughter and I will stick with "TV Land" on my big screen instead of bothering with new and updated versions of old TV shows, since filmmakers today seem to be incapable of making anything funny without toilet and/or adult humor.

Source: Dark Horizons

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