Bryan Fuller Wants Kristen Bell for 'The Munsters' Reboot

Proving once again that Hollywood is determined to leave no stone from your childhood unturned, The Munsters will be receiving the reboot treatment courtesy of Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller.

NBC has ordered a pilot for the series, which Fuller describes as a cross between Modern Family and True Blood. Although The Munsters is still in the earliest stages of development, fans have already been enthusiastic about offering their casting suggestions. According to Entertainment Weekly, one actress' name is being shouted a little bit louder than the rest.

Evidently, there's quite a push to see Kristen Bell land the role of Marilyn- the sole normal member of The Munsters' clan. As it turns out, Bell's biggest supporter might be Fuller himself. He tells EW:

“Are you kidding me? Kristen would be perfect.”

He goes on to say that Marilyn would play a larger part in his reboot than she did in the original series and explains her importance to The Munsters mythos:

“She is our eyes into the world in the sense that we all can relate to our families exhibiting some level of monstrous behavior.”

However, the monstrous behavior that The Munsters exude in Fuller's version might be a bit more extreme than anything their predecessors partook in. Apparently, the series begins with Eddie transforming into a werewolf during a boy scout camping trip and eating two members of his troop. Fuller laughs:

“This version has teeth and isn't afraid to use them.”

The Munsters TV show remake Bryan Fuller Kristen Bell

I enjoyed Fuller's previous shows and I adored Kristen Bell on Veronica Mars, and I should be elated at the possibility of them working together. Yet, excitement just isn't something I can muster for The Munsters (say that ten times fast). I'm just not convinced that the world needs a hip, edgy version of a show that was so charming because of its innocence.

Fuller is actually quite masterful at integrating campy humor without overdoing it, but he's so good at creating his own worlds and characters that this almost seems beneath him. The same goes for Bell, whose post-Veronica Mars career continues to baffle me.

However, I'm going to try and force myself to look at this in a glass half-full sort of way. I suppose that if there has to be a reboot of The Munsters, Fuller & Bell would certainly help make it less painful than it might otherwise be. That's the problem, though - does there really have to be one?

Who could possibly do Fred Gwynne's Herman justice? Or Al Lewis' Grandpa? What do you guys think? Is Bell a good fit for Marilyn? Is there a chance The Munsters reboot might actually work?

Source: Entertainment Weekly.

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