The Mummy Also Gets VR, Mobile, Console Games

The Mummy Video Game

In an effort to help the Tom Cruise-led The Mummy introduce the world to the studio's planned Dark Universe, Universal is preparing a VR experience, mobile and console games to coincide with the release of the film.

Determined to keep awareness high throughout the summer, Universal has turned to interactive gaming as a tool to attract potential audience members. The studio officially announced the virtual reality experience The Mummy Prodigium Strike, mobile game The Mummy Dark Universe Stories, and console game The Mummy Demastered. 

Available now at select VR locations in both Los Angeles and New York City, The Mummy Prodigium Strike is a unique virtual reality experience based on the film where players take on the role of an agent for monster-hunting organization Prodigium. Utilizing the revolutionary StarVR headset and 4D technology, players are tasked with protecting fellow agents from the wrath of the titular mummy, Princess Ahmanet, played by Sofia Boutella in the film. Tickets are on sale now for $15 at Hollywood and Highland, and $12 on

Later this month, The Mummy Dark Universe Stories will be available in the mobile app stores of iOS and Android phones. The game will be episodic and produced by Night School Studio, the company behind the well-recieved mobile game for Mr. Robot. Gamers will follow Cruise's Nick Morton as he goes on adventures throughout the Dark Universe. Dark Universe Stories will be in the style of a game like Mass Effect, with multiple narrative options based on the choices that the player decides to make. Visually, the game will resemble the panels of a comic book. The game is available for pre-register on Google Play for Android users now.

Gaming company WayForward, best known for games with a pixelated style that is designed to evoke memories of classic arcade games, will release The Mummy Demastered for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam in late August. Even if The Mummy will be presumably all but finished with its domestic theatrical run by then, the game will allow players to once again assume the role of a Prodigium agent to battle the forces of Princess Ahmanet's army. Gamers will visit vast and various locations during their full-length adventure.

It's clear that the marketing of The Mummy is positioning the film as a major tentpole blockbuster. This shows the confidence that Universal has in The Mummy, even if the film is garnering less-than-stellar critical praise ahead of its release.

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