The Meg Swallows A Cage Diver Whole In This Scary Tease

A new promo clip has dropped for the newest giant shark film called The Meg. Giant shark movies have been terrifying audiences ever since Steven Spielberg came out with Jaws in 1975. Giant shark movies continue to flood the screen and people can’t seem to get enough. 

The newest shark movie comes from director Jon Turteltaub and stars Jason Statham. The plot for the film seems simple enough to follow. Jason Statham’s character who is an expert sea diver has to battle a shark in order to rescue a crew from a sunken submersible. The shark in the film though is not just any shark, however. No, it is a giant 70-foot Megalodon who supposedly went extinct over two million years ago. 

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Earlier this morning, the official Twitter account titled "The Meg Movie” posted a new promo clip for the film. The clip shows a cage diver underwater as the megalodon slowly approaches. Not only does the giant shark eat the cage diver but it also eats the entire cage whole. The clip ends with the meg swimming up to the surface to get another snack from a passing boat. The caption of the post was fitting to the clip stating, “It’s feeding time. #TheMeg- in theaters August 10.” A new image from Empire also came out recently which shows how big this beast truly is if this clip didn’t give that away already.

Eli Roth was originally in talks to direct the film but the job ultimately went to director Jon Turteltaub who is most known for directing the National Treasure films starring Nicholas Cage. While Jason Statham has earned his place as a formidable action hero, he will be sharing the spotlight with actors Ruby Rose, Rainn Wilson, and Cliff Curtis. The author of the books in which the film is based on has also come out to say that he thinks the trailers are “excellent”.

The Meg may not be the most anticipated film of the summer especially since it has a PG-13 rating, but the film has a lot of potential to succeed. First of all Jason Statham has garnered a lot of fans over the years through his work on Furious 7 and The Expendables. Not only does the film have the star power but people seem to love content that has to do with sharks. Shark Week on the Discovery Channel still draws in many viewers and the Sharknado films are now on the sixth installment.

With The Meg being released in only a few short months, you can be sure that Warner Bros. will continue to flood the internet with more promotional materials. The first trailer was released back in April so a second trailer could be coming out sometime soon. No matter how the film does with critics, there will most definitely be a big fan base for a film showing Jason Statham fighting a giant shark. 

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Source: The Meg Movie Twitter

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  • The Meg (2018) release date: Aug 10, 2018
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