Red Band Trailer For 'The Mechanic'

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A new red band trailer for director Simon West's remake of the 1972 Charles Bronson action-thriller The Mechanic has been released.

Jason Statham stars as Arthur Bishop, a specialized and elite assassin known as a "mechanic" who can be trusted to seamlessly "eliminate targets" with precision, speed, and machine-like detachment. Yet, when his mentor Harry McKenna (Donald Sutherland), the only man he is attached to, is murdered, he becomes personally invested in seeing vengeance done.

Harry's son Steve (Ben Foster) comes to him for the training necessary to take part in the epic unleashing of retribution that Bishop has planed. The hit-man's life quickly becomes both more dangerous, and more complex, when their mission and lives are threatened by his ex-employer, Dean Sanderson (played by the go-to "evil yuppie" character actor Tony Goldwyn).

Take a look at the red band trailer below via IGN:

The film is scheduled for release later this month in what is essentially the early winter lull before the more robust and anticipated Spring and Summer films begin to be unleashed. The film does not feel like it will bring much to the table in terms of innovation, or fresh character development; but it does look like it will fulfill the standards of the action genre -- death defying chase scenes, unparalleled levels of property damage, and a pleasant variety of unlikely death.

With the story of two men on a mutual mission of revenge; an experienced hit-man training a younger padawan, so that said padawan can efficiently deal aforementioned vengeance to the cold-blooded suit responsible for the death of his father, The Mechanic has all of the elements of a heat-em-up-for-the-winter “boys will be boys” action movie.

The Mechanic hits theaters in the U.S. on January 28th.

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Source: IGN

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