The 10 Most Dangerous Members Of The Mayans M.C., Ranked

Like Sons of Anarchy, this action-packed spinoff is set in the dangerous underworld of motorcycle clubs. While its predecessor followed the story of Jax Teller and his club SAMCRO, this series follows the adventures of EZ, a prospect of Mayans M.C, (SAMCRO's rival club-turned-ally).

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Between the illegal gun shipments, murders, and tense showdowns between rival charters, this series has introduced fans to a whole host of new, daring characters, while at the same time reviving some of the fan favorites from SOA. From corrupt law enforcement officers to cartel bosses, danger lurks at every turn for EZ and his crew. Let's take a look at some of the most fearsome characters that audience members have come across during the series thus far.

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JD Pardo in Mayans MC
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10 Ezekiel 'EZ' Reyes

JD Pardo in Mayans MC

The main protagonist of the series, EZ came from a troubled past, which resulted in him being incarcerated for a number of years prior to the start of the series. This was due to shooting a police officer in the chest; a questionable act that many would not have the stomach to perform.

Violence aside, EZ's photographic memory poses danger to potential foes on its own — he used it to recognize a tattoo on an assailant's arm that led him to discovering the attacker's gang. Should any adversaries commit an act against the Mayans, EZ will surely be hot on their heels.

9 Kevin Jimenez

The DEA Agent tasked with taking down the Galindo Cartel, Jimenez's occupation alone is enough to encourage those on the other side of the law to steer clear of his path. Add his determination and obsessiveness with his cases to the mix, and you have a foe that is difficult to get rid of once he decided to chase you down.

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Jimenez did well to rope EZ in on his plan as a collaborator, while he also discovered the truth behind Felipe's past life and secret identity; a history that even Felipe's sons were unaware of.

8 Hank 'Tranq' Loza

The Sergeant-at-Arms of the Mayans Santo Padre Charter, Tranq is in charge of overseeing security at the club and is the right-hand man of "Bishop," the President of the Santo Padre Charter.

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In addition, he also acts as a bodyguard for Bishop, and can always be seen at his side. Big, brawny, and with a past career as a bare-knuckle boxer, its no wonder why Tranq was chosen for this vital role.

7 Obispo 'Bishop' Losa

The close cousin of Mayans M.C. founder Marcus Alvarez, Bishop was a combat soldier who did tours in Iraq and Pelican Bay before becoming President of the Santo Padre Charter. He is depicted as having a strategic mind, as was the case when he organized for his Sons of Anarchy allies to assist in defeating the Samoan gang.

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He is also a strict leader, as was shown when he knocked EZ to the ground with one hard swing after stepping after speaking out of turn in a meeting. Bishop is also being ruthless in the line of duty; after it was discovered that Triad member Jimmy Yen had betrayed his own organization, Bishop shot him in the back of the head on the orders of Galindo and the Chen Triad.

6 Angel Reyes

Clayton Cardenas in Mayans MC

Appointed as new secretary of the Mayans, Angel has gained the trust of his charter through loyalty and hard work. What is unbeknownst to his fellow club members, however, is his dual loyalty to Los Olvidados and romantic interest in their leader Adelita.

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His cunning is not his only a dangerous trait, however, as his determination to persist with his plans yields deadly results. To protect his cover, Angel shot Dennis Reed twice during an investigation and he was also the one to put a bullet in Agent Kevin Jimenez at the command of Lincoln Potter.

5 Johnny 'Coco' Cruz

An unstable and haunted fully-patched member of Mayans, Johnny is a veteran Marine sharpshooter. So great were his skills with a gun that he shot a cigar out of an officer's mouth; an action that got him discharged. His skills were already showcased to viewers in the series premiere when he took out four members of the Basetown Tribe.

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He has a strained relationship with his daughter and mother, which is made even worse due to keeping his true identity from his daughter until his mother revealed the truth. He eventually snapped and drowned his mother in a bathtub in what is probably the most shocking act that any member of the Mayans has committed thus far.

4 Adelita

The head of Los Olvidados, a Mexican rebel organization, Adelita's family was murdered because of cartel violence. This is what prompted her to establish this organization, and was the driving force behind her decision to recruit teenagers and children who also lost loved ones to cartel violence into its ranks.

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With the Galindo Cartel as her main enemy, Adelita proved to possess excellent strategic thinking skills and persuasiveness. She arranged for the kidnapping of Miguel Galindo's son and ensured Miguel's detainment at the Mexican border. Furthermore, she even has collaborators within the Mayans M.C. in the form of Angel and his close allies.

3 Felipe Reyes

Father to EZ and Angel, Felipe is a tough patriarch with a harrowing past. A former Mexican federal police officer, he was born with a different name and occasionally worked alongside the Galindo Cartel. Often sporting his shotgun, he is not one to avoid confrontation.

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Some examples of his confrontational attitude include the time he strongarmed Agent Jimenez with photos of his family after Jimenez discovered his secret, as well as the time he held up an agent whom he caught spying on him.

2 Miguel Galindo

The leader of the Galindo Cartel, Miguel is witty and ambitious, having successfully run his both legitimate enterprises and the family business. So powerful and persuasive is Galindo that he has the entire Mayans M.C. Santo Padre charter working on his payroll. There is quite frankly no one who outranks him in terms of hierarchy.

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Stemming from his violent temper, Miguel ordered for two civilians to be burned alive on the street in response for Los Olvidados kidnapping his son, and he is also known for using harsh torture methods on captive enemies.

1 Marcus Alvarez

Former president of the Mayans M.C. Oakland charter, Alvarez is one of the only club leaders from Sons of Anarchy who actually survived until the show's end — a significant achievement in and of itself. Alvarez proved himself to be a good leader who looks out for his club, but also showed that he also had a harsh, unforgiving side should you disappoint him. The prime example of this is when he had his own son killed.

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Both in his presidential role on SOA and during his time as "El Padrino" on Mayans M.C., he had the whole club at his disposal and commanded respect from all members. Should anyone have messed with Alvarez, he would have been able to call any Mayan to do his bidding and exact revenge. It is this respect and his wisdom for his trade that saw him become the personal advisor to Miguel Galindo.

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