The Matrix: Beating a dead horse

Hey, you're not sick of the huge letdown that was the Matrix trilogy yet, are you?

It seems there is a 10 disc (yes, you read that right: TEN DISC) boxed set of the Matrix series coming out in time for Christmas. I don't know about you [sarcasm] but I'm really looking forward to plunking down more cash for yet another run at these movies [/sarcasm].

I can't imagine anyone wanting to buy this beyond people who still wish they had the nerve to wear those long black coats outside their houses, and think that the Wachowski brothers have created a better religion. Of course if you've got about $100 burning a hole in your pocket and want something to impress your friends... go for it.

Personally I think your money would be better spent on two copies of the Alien Quadrilogy boxed set, one for you and one for your best non-long-black-coat-wearing buddy. Despite the inclusion of Alien 3 & 4 (which even the director's cuts couldn't save), this set is still fantastic due to the first two films and the 40+ hours of special features. But I digress...

Of course if you're a fan of the series (I am only a fan of the first film), and you've somehow managed to hold off buying any of the DVDs that have already come out, I don't think you'll get a more complete set than this. Of course if you've already purchased all three individually, and The Animatrix, and maybe the existing boxed set (Limited or Platinum), and maybe even The Matrix Revisited, this can't help but annoy you.

This Matrix boxed set will include extended versions of the films, extra scenes, extended sequences from the video games, and The Animatrix animated short films. You can immerse yourself in the world of The Matrix until your eyes glaze over.

Thanks to "John".

Source: Digital Spy

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