The Man In The High Castle Season 4 Trailer: The Final Season Begins

The Man in the High Castle Season 4 Amazon Prime Video

The final season of The Man in the High Castle has found something worth fighting for, as Amazon’s alt-history series prepares to come to an end. Based on the novel of the same name from Philip K. Dick, the streaming series tells the story of an alternate history where the Axis powers won World War II and effectively conquered the world, splitting the United States between German and Japanese rule in the aftermath. 

The story focused on a number of characters either in the German and Japanese governments or in the isolated bands of freedom fighters still committed to bringing down Nazi Germany and ending its authoritarian regime. At the center of that struggle is Juliana Crain (Alexa Davalos), first and unwitting participant in her sister’s efforts to find the titular man in the High Castle, then a key figure in the struggle to discover the truth about the strange films showing alternate universes and keeping it out of the hands of the authoritarian regime. 

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The series has been a success for Amazon, netting high viewership since it first premiered in 2015. The series has undergone considerable changes behind the scenes with series creator Frank Spotnitz departing midway through season 2. The showrunner position has since been taken care of and the series is back on track with an exciting third season that opened the door for the fourth and final season this November. Check out the trailer for the final season of The Man in the High Castle below:

As the trailer illustrates, the final season will be something of a mind-bender, as the show is going all in on its multiverse storyline, one that will take Juliana, Wyatt (Jason O’Mara), Obergruppenführer John Smith (Rufus Sewell) on a wild journey through multiple realities and timelines. It’s a far cry from where the series began, with its more investigation of the rise of fascism and authoritarianism, but it nevertheless offers what looks to be thrilling finish to the story. 

This will be one of the first Amazon Prime originals to end its run on its own terms, rather than be canceled outright by the streamer. It’s also a sign of things to come from Amazon as it focuses more on blockbuster-sized dramas, all of which will owe some debt to the series that more or less started it all. 

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The Man in the High Castle season 4 premieres Friday, November 15, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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