The Magicians Renewed For Season 3 At Syfy

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Like most of the other major networks over the past few years, the Syfy has been working tirelessly as of late to expand its original programming lineup to include prestige, genre television that audiences can't quite find anywhere else. So far, the network has done fairly well for itself, with original series like 12 Monkeys and The Expanse receiving wide critical acclaim upon their debuts, and assembling a group of passionate followers for each new series that premieres. And one of Syfy's most unique and surprisingly fun additions to its lineup in this new era has been The Magicians.

Playing with familiar elements from the fantasy genre, The Magicians follows a group of young adults, who are recruited into a secret academy, where they learn that the magic they read about in stories as children is much more real and dangerous than they had ever thought. If that sounds like an ambitious premise for a series on Syfy to tackle, well...  it most definitely is. And The Magicians has managed to deliver consistently fun, adventurous, and sometimes whimsical fantasy adventures for viewers ever since it made its premiere last year.

Ahead of the show's season 2 finale next week, Syfy has officially announced that The Magicians will be returning for season 3 sometime in 2018. With this announcement, the series -- which is based on Lev Grossman's best-selling novels -- now joins several other Syfy original series already renewed and announced for the network's 2018 lineup, including The Expanse, the horror anthology series, Channel Zero, and 12 Monkeys, which will be airing its final season next year.

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Despite SyFy having its fair share of one-and-done series as of late, this renewal of The Magicians isn't all that surprising, since the series has been a constant critical darling for the network (which is starting to have more and more say when it comes to renewals than it ever has before). Not to mention that ratings-wise, The Magicians has been up 15 percent in its viewers in the desired 18-49 demographic, and all other demographics for that matter.

While no official plot details have been released about the new season, Syfy did confirm that it'll last 13 episodes, the same number of episodes as its previous season. In the meantime, fans still have two more episodes to go in the show's second season, which they can watch tonight and next Wednesday night. Considering the dangerous new territory that the sophomore season has taken its characters into, one can only imagine how The Magicians will wrap up this year's adventure by the time everything is said and done.

The Magicians will return with 'Ramifications' tonight on Syfy.

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